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A mom from Inner Mongolia

~ Annie Dong MBA 2017

Volume 2, 2016

By EKaterina Mishustina

MBA 2017 student Annie Dong is a force of nature. Perhaps it was growing up in the extreme cold temperatures of Inner Mongolia that have made her so strong. Besides handling the challenging course work of the CEIBS MBA, Annie has managed to find time to serve as Vice President of the CEIBS Student Committee. She is also a member of the team that won the opportunity to represent CEIBS in the prestigious HULT Prize global MBA competition and was busy preparing for the Asia Pacific regionals when she sat down with TheLINK for her interview. She is also a wife and the mother of a toddler.

She recalls MBA Deputy Director Ning Ma saying, “If you only came to CEIBS for the classes, you’re paying us too much.” This concept that there is a wealth of knowledge outside the classroom, Annie says, is what guides her MBA journey.  Besides her school and family responsibilities she also makes time to socialise with fellow students. Since China is becoming more globalised and having a world view is ever more important, she values the fact that the CEIBS MBA provides a platform to meet others from around the world. She especially enjoys socialising with the international students and confesses that, though she is Chinese at heart, she is now more fond of pubs than karaoke.

But for Annie, it is her family’s happiness that motivates her the most. She is happy as long as they are happy, and she is thankful for the support and encouragement they have provided as she does her MBA and pursues her career goals, she says.

Before beginning her MBA journey, Annie worked at the Dow Chemical Company for eight years. The experience taught her how to work as part of a team, manage expectations, work under pressure, and how to cope when things do not go exactly as planned. She looks forward to transitioning away from working in a business-to-business environment to a career that will bring her closer to consumers.

She is especially grateful that CEIBS faculty are so dedicated to helping students pursue their goals, and extend the learning process beyond the classroom and required readings. She believes that the school empowers and inspires students – through brainstorming and problem solving – to take an active role in its growth and development.