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Living with Artificial Intelligence

Volume 2, 2017

The robots are coming! Correction, they’re already here. Now humans have to figure out a way to harness not just the mindless robots we’ve grown accustomed to over the years, but to ones that – thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) – are increasingly having a mind of their own. Depending on where you stand on the issue of AI, the thought of robots that can think for themselves can either be a scary or exciting prospect.

The debate rages and the questions are far from few. Will today’s smart robots steal jobs away from humans, and if so are we doing enough to educate the global workforce for this shift? Which countries are more likely to benefit from AI, and in what industries? How can AI transform the automotive, healthcare and financial services sectors?  What opportunities will AI bring for investors and entrepreneurs?

In this Cover Story we tap into the wealth of knowledge available from CEIBS faculty, alumni and industry experts affiliated with the school.  Read on for more in:-

• Don’t Be Afraid of the Robots
 Artificial intelligence will disrupt industries & business models. How we handle the transition will determine who wins & who gets left behind.

• AI Boosts China’s Fintech Sector
 China’s finance sector is at the forefront of innovations in artificial intelligence (AI).

• Is AI the Cure for Healthcare?
 Numerous bottlenecks in healthcare delivery and quality can be solved with artificial intelligence (AI) says Director of CEIBS Centre for Healthcare Management and Policy and Adjunct Professor of Economics John Cai.

• Liu Qingfeng’s Vision for AI
 Dialogue between Chen Weiru, Associate Professor of Strategy at CEIBS, and Chairman of iFLYTEK, the leading enterprise in China’s AI industry.

• Cheng Hao: Go All In On AI!
 A venture capitalist focused on high-tech investments tells us which businesses are investing in AI and the opportunities available for entrepreneurs.

• Data Drives AI Businesses
 Yao Xin, Founder of PPLIVE and an alumnus of the 3rd CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp, gets to the bottom of AI and tells us it’s all about the data.

• Wu Gansha: Driving into the Future
 The Cofounder and CEO of Uisee Technology offers excellent advice to anyone who wants to be a major player in intelligent driving.