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Her Excellency Yanping Gao: More Tangible Benefits

Volume 4, 2017

Consul General, the People’s Republic of China in Zurich and the Principality of Liechtenstein 

~ Zurich, October 18

“The healthcare industry, like finance, is a very important industry. It is directly linked to people's welfare and health. In China, there is a huge demand for healthcare, and Switzerland has rich experience and very good technology, [particularly in this industry].

We have more than 1.3 billion people in China and many of them are entering old age. I am sure a country like Switzerland, which has such rich technology and experience to share, would be very important to us. You are the leaders of this industry in Switzerland and all of you shoulder the responsibility for offering better healthcare service to our people in both countries and around the world.

There are many new technologies, for example AI and machine learning, biotech development, and big data, that are bringing many changes to the healthcare industry and it is now facing many new opportunities and challenges.

I hope that all our friends here from Switzerland and China will work towards improving healthcare for our people by utilising smart healthcare and services focused on innovation. If we all accept responsibility I am sure we will be able to provide very good solutions to many of the healthcare industry’s pressing problems so that our personal and collective values can be realised.

I can assure all the Chinese people here that the Swiss are very precise; they honour their promises, and fine craftsmanship is part of their business. This kind of spirit, credibility, and accountability will be the key to our sustainable development and I am sure our Swiss friends can share this with us.

Craftsmanship will be the basis for attracting more customers in the future. I think that Chinese are improving and doing much better than before, and we should continue learning from our foreign counterparts. I hope that other entrepreneurs, both Chinese and European, will have more opportunities to share with each other about innovation, technology, and business models in healthcare, and can explore more opportunities to work with each other.

If we work together, we will have more investment, more trade, more high tech, more job opportunities and more tangible benefits, so we can achieve a win-win outcome for our two countries and two peoples.”