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Alumni’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines at Annual Work Conference in Nanjing

Volume 2, 2017

By Lei Na

“Besides global rankings and research output, alumni accomplishments are integral to a business school’s success,” said CEIBS President Professor Li Mingjun. He was giving the welcome address at the Third CEIBS Alumni Association Council Preparation Meeting held in Nanjing on April 14. The meeting was just one in a series of events that made up the CEIBS Alumni Association Working Conference 2017 that brought 180 alumni and school leaders to the Yangtze River Delta city from April 13 to 16. They gathered to recognise alumni’s contributions to the school’s development and explore new ways to strengthen the synergy between the school and its various alumni organisations.

The CEIBS Alumni Chapter Nanjing helped organise the main conference and related events held over the three days. Many of these activities provided participants with opportunities for continued learning, a key component at most of the school’s alumni gatherings. In fact CEIBS alumni have made a significant contribution to the school’s efforts at knowledge creation, as noted by President Li in his address. For example over half the case studies that the school has contributed to the Global Platform of China Cases have been based on the management practices of CEIBS alumni companies.

Global Footprint

Over the years, the school has worked closely with its graduates and one core element of CEIBS’ strategy is to provide support for alumni companies as they go global. As he officially opened CEIBS Alumni Association Annual Working Conference 2017 on April 15, President Li, who is also CEIBS Alumni Association President, spoke about how China has become a leading voice in globalisation, and the new challenges and opportunities this poses for business schools and their alumni. He also highlighted CEIBS’ many development milestones in 2016 and said the school is looking, in its new Five-Year Plan, for ways to heighten the role its alumni play. President Li added that he believed the conference would help build consensus and create a community in which the school and its alumni share a sense of purpose towards future development.

CEIBS alumni are already making a difference across the globe as well as in China. In his keynote address at the Conference, the Vice Mayor of Nanjing Mr Huang Lan spoke about his appreciation for the talents of CEIBS alumni, saying he hopes there will be more opportunities for exchange and cooperation between alumni and the city. Nanjing’s GDP exceeded RMB1 trillion in 2016, ranking it at 11th in the country, he noted, as it works towards meeting its targeted contributions to China’s 13th Five-Year Plan.

CEIBS Assistant President and Management Committee Member Dr Snow Zhou told the gathering that finding ways to further tap the potential of the school’s alumni, to keep pace with today’s rapid globalisation, will be the challenge for the future. He noted that the world’s best business schools all utilise a five-link theory: faculty, students, alumni, resources and branding. CEIBS’ alumni network – with more than 19,000 alumni from 85 counties and regions – and its strong alumni organisations already has a solid foundation, he said.

The topic of globalisation was also touched on by CEIBS Vice President and Co-Dean Prof Zhang Weijiong who noted that it was because of alumni support that the school was able to establish its European base in Zurich. He also spoke about the series of alumni study tours the school held in Europe to explore topics such as Industry 4.0, brand building, and healthcare innovation.

Local Impact

In addition to their global footprint and noticeable presence in Nanjing, CEIBS alumni have also made a huge impact in other cities across China – and to the school. Deputy Director of the CEIBS Alumni Relations Office Ms Tanya Fu spoke about the contributions that Alumni Association members had made to the CEIBS community in 2016. These include:

•     more than 70 alumni sharing their management practices by speaking at the school’s forums;

•     about 1,500 alumni writing recommendation letters in support of programme applicants;

•     more than 150 alumni joining the MBA Mentoring Programme as mentors;

•     more than 30 alumni participating in the research and development of case studies by CEIBS faculty.

Ms Fu added that, in the year ahead, the CEIBS Alumni Association plans to continue to optimise the alumni information system, and improve services for alumni who live and work abroad. It will also prepare a Report on CEIBS Alumni’s Influence, organise visits to impressive alumni companies, and set up a systematic work exchange mechanism for alumni chapter secretaries general.

The three days of events also included an Inauguration Ceremony where members of CEIBS Third Alumni Association Council received certificates of appointment from President Li, and Council President Tian Ming led the members in taking the oath of office. “CEIBS has taught me about entrepreneurial spirit,” said Mr Tian in his address during the ceremony. “Therefore, the CEIBS Alumni Association will be pragmatic and strategic. We will be guided by entrepreneurial spirit as we rebuild our association… Our role is to serve, not seek personal gain, just as we promised in the oath we took.”

The rebuilding work began after the Inauguration Ceremony with alumni gathering in smaller groups to generate ideas for the school and the alumni association. Their selfless dedication has not gone unnoticed. “There will be many difficulties and challenges ahead, but everyone should stick to the CEIBS spirit, unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, focus on the big picture, collaborate with each other, and usher in a new age of alumni work,” said President Li as he officially closed the meeting.


CEIBS Alumni Association & Council Milestones

  • The CEIBS Alumni Association was founded on May 8, 1995. By 1997 the number of alumni had grown to 335.
  • During the annual meeting in June 1997, 47 alumni were elected to the first Alumni Council and the Articles of the CEIBS Alumni Association were discussed and passed.
  • The Second Alumni Association Council began in 2009 with 85 honorary members and 163 members. The Articles of the CEIBS Alumni Association were revised so that council members would serve a five-year term.
  • The CEIBS Alumni Working Committee was launched in early 2017 with the approval of the school’s Management Committee and a vote by a majority of the members of the Second Alumni Association Standing Council. The Committee’s first president is CEIBS alumnus Tian Ming. The school then decided to expand the 30-person Alumni Working Committee by adding an additional 20 members, and forming the Third Alumni Association Council. The names of the council members are listed below. They are entrepreneurs and mid-to-top-level managers who are willing to make contributions to the school, and they come from various regions, industries, programmes and backgrounds. Members of the Alumni Association aim to better serve the alumni community, give back to their alma mater, and contribute to society while providing a platform for alumni to collaborate with each other and the school.


Third CEIBS Alumni Association Council Members

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Cai, Mingpo, EMBA 04 SH3, CEO 09

Cao, Jie, EMBA 07 SH2, CEO 10

Chen, Nan, EMBA 05 SH6

Chen, Zhihai, EMBA 98 SH2

Chi, Hong, EMBA 97 SH1

Du, Haibo, EMBA 03 BJ2

Guo, Guangchang, CEO 06

He, Fulong, EMBA 07 SH6

He, Caihong, EMBA 04 BJ3

Hu, Baosen, CEO 04

Hu, Jianbo, EMBA 05 BJ3

Huang, Fanzhi, MBA 03

Jian, Peijian, MBA 08

Jiao, Sheng, EMBA 08 SH6

Lang, Wangkai, CEMI 6

Li, Gang, CEO 14

Li, Guang, EMBA 13 BJ1

Li, Haixiang, EMBA 05 BJ3

Li, Wen, EMBA 10 SH2

Lin, Daxu, CEO 06

Muffler, Johannes, MBA 08

Nadipineni, Vijay Kumar, MBA 12

Ou, Shufang, EMBA 12 SH2

Pan, Gang, EMBA 02 BJ2

Pan, Longquan, CEO 08

Ren, Yuxin, EMBA 06 BJ3

Tang, Qiqing, EMBA 96 SH2

Tian, Ping, EMBA 05 BJ3

Wang, Hongjie, EMBA 06 BJ2

Wang, Lei, EMBA 01 SH1

Wang, Xu’ning, EMBA 01 BJ2

Wei, Feiyan, EMBA 04 SH5

Wei, Jie, EMBA 10 BJ3

Wu, Jian’gang, EMBA 08 SH7

Wu, Zhuping, EMBA 99 SH3

Xia, Guoxin, EMBA05SZ2

Xie, Ming, EMBA 00 SH2

Xiong, Fan, EMBA 03 BJ2

Xu, Bo, AMP 9 2009

Xue, Lei, AMP 18

Yao, Weiguo, EMBA 10 SH2,CELC 13,LCP 12

Yu, Rong, EMBA 06 SH3

Zhang, Feng, EMBA 99 BJ2

Zhang, Haixia, CEO 09

Zhang, Hong, EMBA 01 BJ3

Zhang, Qiming, EMBA 07 SH2

Zhao, Xuejun, CEO 06

Zhou, Haibin, EMBA 12 BJ3

Zhu, Mingyue, EMBA 13 BJ1