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Auto Industry Association

The Alumni Auto Industry Association is one of the professional associations within CEIBS Alumni Association. As of July 2006 the association had over 100 members coming from various fields in the auto industry chain such as parts provider, car maker, dealer, after-sale services, research centre and related government agencies. They are all playing key roles in the development of the Chinese auto industry. 


Human Resources Management Association

CEIBS Alumni Human Resources Management (HRM) Research Association is a professional interest club founded by the CEIBS Alumni. It is a platform where CEIBS alumni especially in HRM field can share information and resources, provide opportunities of lifelong learning and self-development. The Association aims to be a leading organization of human resource management and a consulting center that can offer HRM solutions for all kinds of organizations.  


Marketing Association

CEIBS Alumni Marketing Association was founded by a group of EMBA students in the marketing and sales fields on March 9th 2004. It has successfully hosted in November 2005 and June 2006. The association also conducted a seminar regarding the business model for the most popular TV programme in 2005.


Drama Club

CEIBS alumni drama club was established on December 17th, 2004 in Shanghai. It has attracted lots of members consisting of CEIBS alumni, students and staff who are interested in drama, art and performing. Each play was written by members themselves at the very begining, moreover all plays were directed and performed by themselves. They are even taking charge of the design and production of all scenes although none of them has any performing or art background. The stories they wrote reflects their campus lives, personal and professional lives after graduations.


Golf Club

CEIBS Alumni Golf Club was founded as the request of golfers among alumni. The club is where you could improve your golf skills and make friends for lifelong time. The club organizes the tournaments for members once every two months, offers the training sessions when needed.


Photographing Club

CEIBS alumni photographing club is the affiliated organization of the CEIBS Alumni Association. It was officially established on April 8th 2005 by a group of enthusiastic photographers among alumni. The club aims to improve alumni’s appreciation level and enhance their life quality.
The club is where the members could share their experiences and skills on photographing. In most of the club outings, members always invite the expertise or professionals to be the on-site coach to provide the timely guidance.


Tennis Club

The CEIBS alumni tennis club is one of the earliest sport clubs. It was founded by a group of tennis players in March 2004. The club is a place where you can both have fun and develop friendship. We offer a platform for members to tennis exercise by organizing the following activities:


Sailing Club

CEIBS alumni Sailing club is a non-profit organization founded by the alumni who would like to contribute the resources to serve the club members. Any CEIBS alumni (including students) who are agree with the general principle of the club are eligible to apply.