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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Renowned Physicist Prof. Ding Zhaozhong Gives CEIBS Master Class

October 22, 2014. Shanghai - MIT Professor Ding Zhaozhong, a Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1976, gave a lecture today at the CEIBS Shanghai Campus entitled “My Life as an Experimental Physicist”. It was the latest in the CEIBS Master Class Lecture Series that is part of the school’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. Professor Ding has been involved in many ground-breaking scientific explorations, including the search to find the subatomic J particle best known as a Quark, the discovery of elementary particles known as gluons, and his latest research which is being conducted on the international space station and involves the search for the origins of the Universe.

Professor Ding shared some of the principles he has learned through his research efforts which can also be applied to life. These include:
- Don’t let yourself be easily swayed by those who oppose your views, even if they are in the majority;
- Be fully prepared for unexpected outcomes;
- Scientific research values only the first discoverer.

“Even experts’ reviews are not absolute judgments, because they depend upon existing knowledge,” he said. “Scientific research is also a competition. People only remember the first discoverer. No one remembers the second one to put forward the Theory of Relativity.”

“Embracing top scientists within our curriculum is an essential part of CEIBS’ liberal education,” said CEIBS Executive President Zhu Xiaoming when introducing Prof. Ding’s academic contributions to the audience. “This enables CEIBS’ students to realize that sciences are a driving force behind industry innovation.” CEIBS Vice President and Co-Dean Professor Zhang Weijiong also attended the Master Class.