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Professor Wu Jinglian: Twenty Lectures on China’s Economic Reform: Relaunching the Reform Project

Volume 1, 2013

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China concluded last November, there have been increasing signs that a new round of economic reforms is on the horizon in China. The book Twenty Lectures on China’s Economic Reform: Relaunching the Reform Project, which is co-authored by CEIBS Baosteel Chair Professor of Economics Wu Jinglian and Chief Commentator of Caijing Magazine Ma Guochuan  answers the question ‘Where is China going?’

Published by the SDX Joint Publishing Company in Beijing, the book gives readers a deeper understanding of the social and economic issues now facing China, analyzes their underlying causes, and examines the challenges in implementing reforms. It strongly reflects Prof Wu’s views on China’s reform. 

“China is standing at a new crossroads in history,” says Prof Wu. “To avoid social crises, we need to make firm and resolute decisions, push forward reforms of marketization, institutionalization and democratization, establish inclusive economic and political institutions, and realize the transformation from authoritarian developmentalism to democratic developmentalism.”
In 1991, a year before Deng Xiaoping gave his famous southern tour speech, Prof Wu published his book On Competitive Market, in which he made an appeal for the establishment of ‘a socialist market economic system’. The book proved to be among the first voices calling for reform in the 1990s. In this new phase of history, reform is inevitable. Twenty Lectures on China’s Economic Reform: Relaunching the Reform Project will be a powerful push forward towards the progress of reform and will have a positive impact on society.