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Professor Wu Jinglian: The Chinese Economy: A New Transition

Volume 1, 2013

Baosteel Chair Professor of Economics Wu Jinglian has co-edited a book that features research on the Chinese economy by leading economists from China and around the world.

Chapters address a wide range of issues, covering not only macro and micro economic mechanisms, but also various aspects of human resource development, environmental protection, and political impact on the economy.

The Chinese economy has recently enjoyed a higher growth rate for a longer period than any other nation to date, but a new consensus is emerging that it now faces a crucial turning point and must find new models for sustainable growth. In The Chinese Economy: A New Transition Prof Wu and co-editor Masahiko Aoki have brought together a group of world-renowned economists to share their views on the sources of China's economic growth, its changing conditions for future development, and suggestions for desirable policy and institutional reforms.