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Professor George S. Yip on Strategic Transformation: Changing While Winning

Volume 1, 2013

CEIBS Professor of Management and Co-Director of the CEIBS Centre on China Innovation George S. Yip has co-authored the book Strategic Transformation: Changing While Winning which examines the strategies employed by firms that have succeeded at making major strategic changes while also maintaining high levels of performance.

Published in December 2012 the book provides an invaluable guide for creating a sustainably successful business organization. It includes real case studies and expert insight from the leaders of Cadbury Schweppes, J Sainsbury, Smith & Nephew, SSL International, Tesco, and Unilever.

The book is based on extensive research, including an analysis of the 20-year financial performance of 215 of the largest publicly listed British companies along with in-depth historical research and interviews with top executives. Prof Yip's co-authors are Manuel Hensmans, Professor of Strategic Management at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB, Belgium  and Gerry Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management at Lancaster University School of Management, UK, and a Senior Fellow of the Advanced Institute of Management. They find that successful strategic transformers developed three historical traditions over a 40-year or longer period, each of which contributed to the companies' ability for strategic transformation. The book explains how managers can develop firms that are able to achieve consistent high performance while also managing significant strategic change.