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Prof Mike Thompson & Senior Research Fellow David Bevan Co-edit Wise Management in Organisational Complexity

Volume 2, 2013

CEIBS Professor of Management Practice and Director of the Euro China Centre for Leadership and Responsibility (ECCLAR) Mike Thompson has co-edited the book Wise Management in Organisational Complexity. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, the book provides an interdisciplinary response to widely debated concerns about the state of management brought about by today’s culture of “sound-byte” communications and the complexity of organisations. In this book, Prof Thompson and co-author David Bevan, Senior Research Fellow at ECCLAR have applied Aristotle’s principles of wisdom to contemporary management and governance, and link them to the larger idea of human potential and the Common Good.

This insightful anthology of analysis and reflection will be relevant to managers, researchers and teachers in management education and benefits from the fresh perspective of the Chinese philosophy of Confucian meritocracy and Wangdao management. The reader is challenged to explore the practice of wisdom and to find new inter-disciplinary, methodological and pedagogical approaches for its application. Interest in wisdom as a topic for research has been growing across the disciplines of organisational studies, leadership studies, philosophy and psychology. The authors demonstrate an alternative to the disciplinary silo approach to management studies and offer a challenging alternative to current research methods.