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IESE PhD Degree - Introduction

IESE offers two research-oriented programmes: the Master of Research in Management (MRM) and the PhD programme. Candidates for the IESE-CEIBS PhD programme are required to first complete the MRM as a pre-requisite for admission to the PhD programme. In accordance with EU guidelines, it is IESE PhD Programme' s policy to admit candidates who hold an MRM degree from IESE only. Thus, the full process starts with admission to the MRM programme and culminates with the successful defence of the PhD dissertation.

The institution conferring the PhD degree will be the University of Navarra (UNAV), of which IESE is a graduate school. This degree is an official doctorate recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and all members of the European Union. In addition to the official diploma, IESE and CEIBS will also issue a supplementary certificate to recognise their joint endorsement of graduates from this programme.

Step 1: MRM Degree

You will spend your first two years in Spain for IESE' s Master of Research in Management, which is designed to give students comprehensive training to excel in the academic profession.

The programme is taught in English and is tailored to each student's academic interests. The bulk of the programme's 2-year duration is spent acquiring the skills you will need to perform top-quality research. This includes an in-depth focus on the disciplines that will underlie your future research. You will work closely with professors to learn how to design, execute, and communicate research. IESE is proud to have some of the best management faculty in Europe, and throughout the programme students will benefit from access to IESE faculty. In addition, CEIBS faculty members may be involved in teaching optional courses and research seminars. At the end of two years of intensive study, you will sit a final comprehensive examination and submit a research paper to obtain a Master of Research in Management (MRM) degree.

Step 2: PhD Degree

After the MRM degree, you may apply to the PhD programme. The final three years of the coordinated programme will be spent at CEIBS in China for thesis research leading to IESE's PhD in Management. IESE's PhD programme is one of the most competitive in Europe. The aim of the programme is to prepare you for a career as a faculty member in top business schools.

Under the guidance of world-class faculty from both IESE and CEIBS, you will participate in a rigorous and engaging educational experience that will equip you with the skills needed to address today’s most demanding management issues. The 90+ faculty members at IESE have extremely wide-ranging research interests. CEIBS is proud to have more than 60 faculty members with proven expertise in China Depth, Global Breadth. CEIBS faculty members represent 17 nationalities, adding to the richness and diversity of the research environment which is actively cultivated by the school’s numerous Research Centres. You will be provided with close contact with faculty as you undergo transformation from a student to a faculty member, becoming an internationally recognised expert in your field upon successful completion of the programme.

Financial Issues

During the MRM phase, CEIBS will arrange scholarship funding allotted to the coordinated programme, including your tuition fees (to be paid to IESE) and living expenses. During the PhD phase, you are expected to return to China to work full-time on your dissertation at CEIBS, under the guidance of your advisor. You will be financially supported by CEIBS for a maximum period of three years (subject to annual performance reviews) to help pay for your living expenses in China.

Current Students

There are currently more than two dozen IESE PhD students from the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Spain, Turkey, and Uruguay.