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Part-time Case Research Fellows/Case Writers at CEIBS

Job Description:

Part-time case research fellows/case writers will develop MBA teaching cases and associated teaching notes that are (1) up to international standard and (2) judged suitable to be accepted into “Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform”.

Part-time research fellows/case writers work on their own schedule. They may write management cases either according to their own academic expertise and interest or based on case leads provided by CEIBS Case Center. For those who are not business school faculty, they will need to find a suitable business school professor to work with them.


  • Business school faculty from other schools (within or outside of China) who are interested in developing MBA teaching cases about management issues in the Chinese context.
  • CEIBS MBA students and alumni with rich managerial experiences, keen interest in learning about certain industries or managerial issues, and strong writing skills.
  • Master/Ph.D. program students in management or closely-related social sciences with a career interest in business school and strong writing skills.
  • Familiar with the basic format and function of MBA teaching cases, able to manage the extra workload, and finish the MBA teaching cases within the deadline set by CEIBS case center. 

The School:

Since its inception in 1994, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) has become one of the leading management education institutions in China. As a not-for-profit joint venture established through an agreement between the Chinese Government and the European Union and with the funds from the Shanghai Municipal Government and the European Commission, CEIBS has become one of the most important business schools in Asia and around the globe. To educate responsible leaders versed in “China Depth, Global Breadth” is our mission and “Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence” is our values.

The school's academic programs have been consistently featured in most internationally respected business school rankings, including nine consecutive years as one of the Financial Times' Top 30 in their annual global business school survey. Over the past 19 years, more than 9,000 students have graduated from its high quality MBA and EMBA programs, and more than 100,000 senior or mid-level managers have benefited from various training programs through CEIBS’ campuses in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, as well as Accra (Ghana). In 2012, CEIBS began to offer a part-time Finance MBA program to cultivate financial leaders for the development of Shanghai into an international financial centre. 

Benefits and Compensation:

For each case that is approved by an expert panel of the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform, part-time case research fellows/writers will be paid according to a pre-determined standard rate per case developed (based on case types and rates set by CEIBS Case Center).

The main pay-off is non-financial. It provide case fellows and writers the opportunities to interact directly with senior executives of China-based or China-focused companies, and learn first-hand experience and knowledge about managerial issues in the Chinese context.  

Application Procedure:

  1. Applicants may go to www.chinacases.org to register.
  2. CEIBS Case Center will screen the application materials. For inexperienced applicants, they will be required to attend the CEIBS Case Method Training Program free of charge. The 1st training session is projected to be held in early 2014 (TBD).
  3. The applicants to be invited shall draw up a development plan for at least one specific case (or their own case research direction and plan) before attending the training session.
  4. CEIBS Case Center will assess whether the applicants are qualified to be part-time case research fellows/case writers (one-year term) based on the application and the case development plans presented. For part-time case research fellows/case writers who are not business school faculty, they shall try to find, on their own, an experienced business school professor as a supervisor.
  5. CEIBS Case Center will sign with part-time case research fellows/case writers case development contracts based on their approved case development plans to clarify the case development objectives (with regard to the teaching needs and learning goals), case types, action plans, relevant expenses and schedules. CEIBS Case Center will offer professional guidance and track the project progress. For those have the need, CEIBS will provide part-time case research fellows/case writers with access to library resources.
  6. Part-time case research fellows shall submit the cases, teaching notes and relevant materials (all in the English version) within the deadline set by CEIBS case center. After the cases are blind peer-reviewed by the Case Steering Committee and incorporated into Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform, in accordance with the contracts, CEIBS Case Center will pay part-time case research fellows/case writers a standard compensation per case developed in one lump sum and reimburse relevant expenses within the approved budgets.
  7. The copyright of the submitted case shall be reserved for China Europe International Business School or co-copyrighted by CEIBS and the part-time case research fellow’s/case writers’ employer. The part-time case research fellows/case writers may enjoy the right of authorship and right of use of case in their own teaching and research activities. The commercialization of cases shall be subject to approval from CEIBS in advance.
  8. CEIBS Case Center shall have the right to revise the cases collected by Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform for purposes of classroom teaching. Once the case is collected by world-renowned case databases like Harvard Business School Case Database and Ivey Case Database, the case author(s) will be granted an additional bonus.
  9. Part-time case research fellows/case writers, who have completed the first case development projects, may submit their new case development plans. CEIBS Case Center will sign with them long-term contracts based on the qualified case development projects. The follow-up procedures are the same as those stipulated in the aforesaid items (5-8).
  10. CEIBS Case Center shall reserve the right to final interpretation of the terms.

In case of any question, please contact:

Dr. XU Leiping (Assistant Director, CEIBS Case Center)