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Friday, September 9, 2016

Siemens Healthcare Executive Lectures at CEIBS

September 8, 2016. Shanghai – Practical examples of innovation and entrepreneurship within a large multinational were among the highlights of a lecture by Siemens Healthineers Senior Vice President and General Manager Magnetic Resonance (MR) Dr. Christoph Zindel at a lecture tonight on the Shanghai Campus. Titled Siemens Healthineers: How to Maintain Market Leadership with Innovation and Precision Medicine, it attracted CEIBS students, alumni, and outside guests; many of whom do not work in the healthcare sector but were interested in the discussions about innovation.

Dr. Christoph Zindel, M.D. and Senior VP – General Manager Magnetic Resonance (MR) at Siemens Healthineers Headquarters.

Dr. Zindel, who had met with CEIBS President Prof. Pedro Nueno and CEIBS Adjunct Professor of Economics and Director of CEIBS Centre for Health Care Management and Policy John Cai ahead of the Executive Forum, shared some of his own experiences as well as insights into strategic concerns about state of the art technology in the healthcare sector.

He said that a company should be in a constant start-up mode in order to stay ahead of the curve. He also explained the success factors, which he referred to as the ‘four Ps’, that have been a factor in Siemens Healthineers’ success. These are:

People: Today this means global teams with highly qualified people.

Products: The Healthineers have the largest application portfolio which bears some risk, but enables them to keep options open.

Processes: A smooth running work flow management system. Look both inside and outside your industry to find suitable systems. A trained pilot with several aviation licenses, Dr. Zindel said he looked at the aviation industry for inspiration.

Partnerships: Establish partnerships globally for intensive research activities and involve your customers. For example, Siemens Healthcare has established the position of Head of Collaboration.

The Q&A session included questions about cost and IPR issues.  When asked about the threat of being copied by Chinese competitors, Dr. Zindel said that one cannot be “half pregnant”. You are in China or you are not in China, with all the consequences; just as you are either pregnant or not.

Prof. John Cai and Dr. Christoph Zindel


Claudia Schaefer