MBA2018 Elects Student Committee

September 3, 2016. Shanghai – Mountaineering across Mont Blanc, running marathons and the power of a free cup of coffee before morning lectures were just some of the inspirations drawn upon by candidates in the run-up to elections for this year’s MBA2018 Student Committee. Following a month of promotion, feedback sessions, surveys and campaign parties, 21 students took to the stage to introduce their winning attributes and visions for serving the CEIBS student body. 

After a night of contemplation, the class voted students from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America onto the committee. They will take on ten important roles linking the student body and the MBA Office for the duration of their cohort’s academic journey on the Shanghai Campus.

Taking pride in his namesake, US President Abraham Lincoln, MBA2018 Student Committee president Abe Xu, reflected on the wider role MBA graduates have in today’s society. “You can’t enjoy prosperity without harmony in society,” he said. 

Taking great pride in being elected as the first African to represent the Student Committee, Vice President Richard Higgs acknowledged the importance of his role, whilst ensuring that future MBAs have firm ground to stand on at CEIBS. 

The MBA Class of 2018 Student Committee members are as follows:

President: Abe Xu

Vice President: Richard Higgs

Treasurer: Eva Ni

Director of Communication: Abhishek Chhabria

Campus Affairs Director: Shawn Wang

Club Activities Director: Farina Hung

Social Activities Director: Muzi Peng

External Affairs Director: Lisa Li

Career Development Director: Freeman Yao

APCC Chair: Rene Reijnst