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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

CEIBS Own “G59” Kicks Off Their Global EMBA journey in Shanghai

~ CEIBS Global EMBA 2016 Opening Module

September 4, 2016. Shanghai - As the G20 Summit winds down in neighbouring Hangzhou and the 20 world leaders who attended begin their journey home, 59 aspiring business leaders are kicking off an exciting journey of their own here in Shanghai. CEIBS held the opening ceremony of the Global EMBA Class of 2016 today on the Shanghai Campus. These 59 executives, hailing from 16 countries and regions, begin their 20-month programme this week. It is the first step on a journey of learning, study, debate, inspiration, sharing, cooperation, and transformation.

The Class of 2016 is a remarkably diverse group of senior business people, with 31% of participants coming from such countries as Argentina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Canada and Chile. The class boasts strong credentials, with an average of 16 years of work experience and an average age of 39. Nearly 20% of the participants are entrepreneurs or business owners, an historical high for the programme and evidence of CEIBS’ commitment to cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial leaders. This class has also seen a pronounced increase in the ratio of participants working for Chinese private companies.

The opening ceremony held today on the Shanghai Campus was attended by CEIBS President Li Mingjun, Vice-President and Dean Ding Yuan, as well as a handful of CEIBS faculty and staff and alumni from past Global EMBA programmes. Associate Dean for Global EMBA Nikos Tsikriktsis hosted the ceremony as the school welcomed the new cohort and laid down the challenge for them to grasp this unique opportunity as they embark on their 20 month journey.

President Li Mingjun congratulated the class on being a perfect illustration of the CEIBS mission of China Depth, Global Breadth, while highlighting that the strong number of entrepreneurs in the programme reflects the importance of innovation-driven development to China’s economy. 

Vice President and Dean Ding Yuan noted the growing number of participants from Chinese private companies, which reflects the new phase in China’s economic development that sees Chinese companies increasingly expanding into western markets and therefore need the cross-cultural and hands-on international experience that the CEIBS Global EMBA provides.

Gillian Zhang, Director of Strategic Projects at Coca-Cola, spoke as class representative of the Global EMBA 2015 cohort. Gillian emphasized the value of the Global EMBA in establishing a winning strategy in a volatile and changing economic environment. She also mentioned that working amongst a group of such diverse classmates had deepened her understanding of people, on both the conscious and unconscious level.

Karla Wang, Senior Manager for Customer Strategy and Research at Disney, spoke on behalf of the incoming Global EMBA class. Karla described the journey she made in choosing CEIBS for further study, underlining China’s place as the driver of global growth, and CEIBS’ place at the centre of it all.

Now the hard work begins for these 59 students as they face a challenging but transformational week-long residency module, led by CEIBS Professor of Management Jack Wood. Professor Wood, supported by 15 Executive Coaches who have flown in from around the world, will lay the platform for the comprehensive leadership stream that runs throughout the entire Global EMBA programme, helping the participants discover what leadership is and what kind of leader they are. 

Ruru Tang
Marcel Austin Martin