Mohit Juneja: Innovating @ Intel China

In a country that hosts the world’s fastest supercomputer, and where Policymakers consider Innovation as the nub of National Strategy, it is no wonder the amount of global interest currently focused on innovation in China.  As Vice President of the Innovation Club at CEIBS, I have had a front row seat to witness many developments in lectures and company sharing seminars, but now at Intel I have finally had the chance to dive in and make my own mark. 

Long before starting my MBA at CEIBS, I remember growing up in India, cracking open my toys and gadgets, mesmerized by how they work at the touch of a button despite being unconnected.  As I grew older and wiser, I realized that these operational decisions were obviously defined by a human. I nurtured my passion to design such models, which is how I came to work in the semiconductors domain. My passion for hi-tech mushroomed during 5 years work experience at Cadence Design Systems, India and simultaneous education at  IITD (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). 

I came to China one year ago and enrolled in CEIBS MBA with the desire to ultimately join a hi-tech multinational in business strategy, product management or innovation management role. My first working experience in China has been at Intel as an Intern in their Corporate Strategy Office. Over the last few months, I have been supporting Intel to setup an in-house corporate incubator for China, which in turn is helping me to validate what I have learnt in the MBA to date with real business scenarios. Over time, I have learnt how multinationals compete in China and how local Chinese companies are gaining momentum and thus becoming world leaders and competitors. 

Intel has a very dynamic working environment; we work like entrepreneurs in a company with approximately 100,000 employees. People are welcoming, unwaveringly positive in attitude and full of energy and ideas. Innovation is inbuilt in every employee's DNA, which is the reason Intel is pushing the technology boundaries ahead every day. 

My project has evolved around an innovation platform wherein Intel makes employee dreams come true by re-morphing their ideas into reality that aligns perfectly with the corporate strategy.  My task has been to design a centralized platform, develop program entry and exit strategies, as well as define processes to provide financial support, mentorship and roadmaps for their ideas. I also help the Idea Authors drive the idea forward by providing market analysis, pitch polishing and strategic planning. Unlike other MBA internships where a candidate does analysis and provides a proposal at the end of internship, my internship at Intel is giving me the opportunity to execute what I recommend, turning my own ideas into reality. 

As the factory of the world transform into the R&D Powerhouse of our age, the biggest takeaway from my internship China has been the importance of change required in this dynamic Chinese business environment. The market is changing rapidly and we have to adapt and innovate quickly in order to dominate the market. On a personal level, my internship has also helped me implement, test and redirect my planned career trajectory.

I would be happy to answer any queries you might have. Drop me an email at and I will get back to you. 

Mohit Juneja