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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Succeeding as an Entrepreneur in China - Business School or Not? --- Singapore

Succeeding as an Entrepreneur in China – Business School or Not?

 B-School or No B-School?  China or not?   Thinking about your next career steps and not sure in which direction to head?  Whether thinking about a corporate career or starting your own business, entrepreneurship is a likely option you will consider along your career path.  An there is no ‘hotter’ place at the moment than China to start or expand your business.

In this presentation, Prof. Prof. Daniel Chng will share with you some insights about entrepreneurship in China, especially among younger MBAs founders. China sees entrepreneurship as a critical initiative in the structural reform of its economy. We will take a closer look at the entrepreneurship landscape in China today to understand the challenges and opportunities in this market. We will then talk about young entrepreneurs in China and the relevance of business schools for many of these entrepreneurs. We will look at some new ventures that are started by CEIBS MBAs. He will also share with you our MBA E-Lab initiative and school-wide platform to support  entrepreneurship in China.  He will also discuss some career options for Singaporeans and his impressions of working there as a Singaporean. 

About the Speaker

Dr. Daniel Chng (庄汉盟) originally from Singapore, is an Associate Professor of Strategy at CEIBS. Dr. Chng’s research interests focuses on organizational and managerial strategic behaviors during situations adversity. His research is an on-going attempt to advance our understanding of how organizations and their managers respond to the challenges of organizational failure or the threat of failure. Prior to academia, Dr. Chng was instrumental in the development of two entrepreneurial ventures in Singapore involved in corporate strategy and human resource development.

Event Details

Venue: Icon Plus Offices

61 Stamford Road, Stamford Court, #01-01, Singapore 178892, tel: 6336 6551

Date and Time:
Saturday,  25th of June,  11:00am-1pm


To register or any inquiries, please contact Ms. Esther Ge gesther@ceibs.edu