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Library Guides: Family Business


CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage

CEIBS Family Heritage Library


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Journal Articles:

Aldrich, H. E., & Cliff, J. E. (2003). The pervasive effects of family on entrepreneurship: Toward a family embeddedness perspective. Journal of Business Venturing, 18(5), 573-596. doi: 10.1016/S0883-9026(03)00011-9

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Tabor, W., Chrisman, J. J., Madison, K., & Vardaman, J. M. (2017). Nonfamily Members in Family Firms: A Review and Future Research Agenda. Family Business Review. doi:10.1177/0894486517734683

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Journals and Magazines 

Special Issue on 'Expanding Research on Family Business in China'

Family business (1047-255X)

Family business advisor (1060-3603)

Family business review (0894-4865)

Journal of family business management (2043-6238‎)

Massachusetts family business (2043-6238‎)


CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage

The CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage, founded by CEIBS under the sponsorship of the Kaifeng Foundation, is a knowledge centre committed to helping China’s family businesses go global and foreign enterprises better understand China’s family businesses.

The Centre aims to become a leading academic and research institute on family business, create and share resources and knowledge concerning family business in emerging markets, and provide a platform for exchanges between eastern and western family businesses. 

● Create and enrich the theories, methodology, and best practices for family businesses in China
● Influence the long-term development of Chinese family businesses
● Focus on the soft power of family businesses in business development, heritage, and globalization

Creation, Dissemination, Inheritance




CEIBS Family Heritage Library

An exhibit of selected publications is always on view in library’s ground floor Room 1.07.

Gifts from CFH
CFH Reports and White Papers
Asian Business Families Succession: Going the Distance with the Next Generation
Asian Business Families’ Dependency on Asia: Balancing Opportunities and Risks
Case Studies
中国家族企业传承(A)方太集团:毛氏家族父子创业式接班 / 李秀娟、钟婉雯、陆韵婷、安静
中国家族企业传承(B)华茂《徐氏家族共同协议》/ 李秀娟、钟婉雯、陆韵婷、安静
中国家族企业传承(C)一次紧急家族会议 / 李秀娟、钟婉雯
新光控股集团:传承选择 / 李秀娟、钟婉雯、陆韵婷、安静
宁波方太厨具有限公司 / F. Warren McFarlan,郑晓明,方瑜仁 
家业长青:构建中国特色现代家族制管理模式 / 茅理翔 著 
顶层设计决定传承成败 / 刘靖民、刘春波、杨宗岳 著
世紀陳家莊: 從養豬戶到營收百億的企業家族傳奇 / 李永樂 著
中国家族企业传承白皮书 / 张志峰 主编
中国家族企业发展报告 2011 / 中国民(私)营经济研究会家族企业研究课题组 编著
中国家族企业健康指数报告 2012 / 陈凌、冯晞 著
中国家族企业健康指数报告 2015 / 陈凌、窦军生、Annie Koh 著 
中国企业健康指数报告 2012 / 吴晓波、袁岳、冯晞 著 
中国企业健康指数报告 2013 / 吴晓波、袁岳、冯晞、陈凌 著










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