Wednesday, December 30, 2015

China's Next Steps After COP21

By Adjunct Professor of Management Richard Brubaker

Hailed as one of the greatest diplomatic efforts of the past 30 years, 196 countries came to an agreement on December 12th, to take steps to reduce the risk of a global temperature rise beyond 2 degrees. An effort that once again went down to the wire, the agreement represents the start of a long road towards climate change mitigation.  It's a road that many are already calling unrealistic, but for others the agreement itself was a major achievement because it's the first time that all the major parties, including the United States, were able to reach a consensus.  

It's a framework that has imperfections, particularly because its non-binding and void of specific steps that need to, or will, be taken.  However, make no mistake, this agreement should be seen as a solid foundation that will lead to action. Read more on Forbes.