CEIBS MBA Club Awards

January 20, 2016. Shanghai – After revealing the results of the end of term Student Club Awards, Club Affairs Director Abhishek Kumar acknowledged the challenge of balancing the legacy of traditional student clubs with developing new ones to match the demand of an ever changing environment. However this year’s best professional club winners came from the more established hot sectors such as Finance, Marketing and Investment. On the Leisure side, newcomers Fashion Fiesta and Table Tennis could not unseat the established clubs Basketball, Soccer and Outdoors, with basketball no doubt buoyed by the CEIBS team’s performance at the Shanghai MBA Union Championship. Read on for a few highlights from our award winning clubs. 

Austin Xu (MBA2017), President of the Marketing Club

During the first two terms, the marketing club held two sharing sessions. We were honoured to host Edward Lu (EMBA 1995), a former executive at L'Oréal who is the Founder and President of Organic+, on October 28. He shared insights from his more than 20 years of marketing experience on how to launch a new brand. General Manager of Tencent’s Interactive Entertainment Group came two weeks later to talk about marketing in the Internet industry. In addition to his insights on marketing, Jose Zhu also shared his experiences as an MBA student, which gave us a sense of the career opportunities that await us after graduation.

"We Focus, We Connect, We Change" is the Marketing Club's motto. In the upcoming terms we will continue to help students interested in marketing explore career opportunities and professional skills development  .


Grover Chen (MBA 2017), President of the Investment Club

We are excited by the schedule we have lined up for 2016, which includes the ‘China Capital Market Sharing Session’ on January 26, the VCIC Internal CEIBS Team Selection on January 31, the VCIC Regional Final Round on March 12, and Financial Modeling Training in late March.  The highlight from Term 2 was the Shanghai Career Trek: Insight into IB/PE/VC. We visited several firms, including China Renaissance, Capital Today, Redpoint Ventures, Far East Horizon, Yunqi Partners and Jupai Investment.

Wills Zhang (MBA 2017), President of the Soccer Club

2015 was a fruitful year. Six months ago most of us were all over the world, in the past six months we survived the toughest academic period in our lives. More importantly, through football we were united as a team, and we fought as a team. I can’t remember how many times our teammates jumped out of group discussion, assignment, even illness to join us, just because we are a team, and we fight for each other. This is part of the MBA sprit we’ve learned from CEIBS. No matter how difficult it is, we fight to the end, for honour, friendship and the team, and then you will win! Here at CEIBS we do not dream for success, we work for it and we always work together.

I sincerely thank you all for making 2015 a success, and all the best in 2016. CEIBS made us friends, teammates, brothers and life partners, now let’s continue the journey. Go Spartans!


Yuming Shao (MBA 2017), President of the Outdoors Club

Under the slogan of ‘Making interesting and relaxing events for our classmates’ our plan for Term 3 is to host a weekend barbecue in the park in Shanghai. We will also plan a two-day hike along the ancient Hui-Hang path. Term 4 will see us take on the Asian desert adventure, so stay tuned for further updates.