Yongjiang Liu

Founder & CEO at YiZhiYunHai (Marine+)

EMBA 2014

The Company

1. First semi-automatic expense calculation software within the marine industry. 
2. Automatically searches for external quotes, attract equipment suppliers for contracts.
3. Industry-wide coporate database, automatically match potential customers and make recommendations
4. Industry-wide information shaing, allows more precise subscription and recommendations.

Target Customers:
Shipping and marine industry: ship owners, shipyards, supporting businesses and contractors.
Ship owner:
  • Need for accurate information to help filter/select the shipyards, which can offer the best solutions that is accomdated to their needs.
  • Need for rapid and accurate prices confirmations, and references to current market price.
  • Needs understanding and managing large numbers of potential customers.
  • Need to sort out enormous amount of information to identify potential business opportunities.

Supporting business:

  • ​Need to get involved early in the shipyard project opportunities.