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The Next 20 Years

Volume 5, 2014

There’s no arguing with the fact that CEIBS has accomplished a lot in a very short time. Over the last 20 years the school has left its mark on the world through the impact made by the thousands of professionals educated through CEIBS’ MBA, FMBA, EMBA, GEMBA, Executive Education and PhD programmes. CEIBS faculty and research centres produce work that shapes the way business is done, and the school continues to be a place for deep intellectual discourse mixed with just the right amount of fun!

The tenacity and confidence that made CEIBS possible two decades ago will be even more vital in the next 20 years. Fresh challenges arise with increasing frequency and clients’ needs evolve as the world itself changes at a rapid pace. The school’s Management Committee is faced with the task of continually inspiring 500+ employees in 4 cities across 2 continents, more than 1,000 students a year and almost 14,000 alumni spread across the globe.  What are their thoughts on what the next 20 years will mean for CEIBS?


Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014

Executive President Professor Zhu Xiaoming

The fruits of a great vision and the tenacity to hold onto our philosophy with continued faith in our dream, CEIBS has grown from a mere idea to a world famous business school. Over the past 20 years, CEIBS has witnessed the Chinese economy’s take-off, and has been committed to the evolution of the philosophy of business management education in China.

Today, at the nexus of the past two decades and the 20 years ahead, we should hold onto that dream that has inspired us over the years, stick to the spirit of continuous exploration, continue making breakthroughs, innovating and exceeding all expectations, and do our best to keep this spirit alive forever. Over the next 20 years we will live by our goal: to make CEIBS a prestigious brand and the most respected international business school.


Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014

President Professor Pedro Nueno

CEIBS will grow globally, increasing its presence and delivery of programmes in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. CEIBS has developed strong international alliances with leading business schools that also want to have a global presence. Working together, this global ambition can be achieved.






Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014


Vice President and Dean Professor Hellmut Schutte

I hope that we can truly establish CEIBS as one of the leading international business schools around the world. This is a very ambitious goal because while we may think that we’re working hard, everybody else is doing the same. We’re a new kid on the block among the leading schools; and that means we cannot be open to many compromises when trying to reach this goal.





Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014

Vice President and Co-Dean Professor Zhang Weijiong

The next 20 years will be a time for CEIBS to play an even more important role in the development of the Chinese economy. The demand for management education will be high, but the competition from top schools around the world will be fiercer.

Faced with the trends of high touch, high tech programme requirements from our students, we need to be innovative and excellent, and make an even bigger impact.

Over the next 20 years, the entire CEIBS community will become larger and grow in strength. We are one family. We will work together to add even greater value to the society.



Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014Associate Dean Professor Xu Dingbo

CEIBS has made significant achievements in its first 20 years; over a relatively short period of time it has become one of the top international business schools in Asia. CEIBS’ success is a part of the Chinese Miracle and the fruit of the country’s Opening Up and Reform policies. It’s also the result of much hard work by several generations of the CEIBS community, who put their heart and soul into making this happen. The next 20 years will no doubt bring many challenges and opportunities. However as long as we insist on following our tradition of conscientiousness and continuous innovation, a tradition that we established in our first 20 years, CEIBS will enjoy a bright future and will no doubt become the most respected business school not just in Asia, but throughout the world.



Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014Assistant President, Director of Executive Education, Hobbs Liu

Over the next 20 years, what will change will be the people – clients, participants, students, faculty and staff. What will be maintained is the spirit of pursuing excellence, and being innovative. What will be firmly held is the diversity, our inclusiveness – this is what makes CEIBS what it is today. 

Suggestions to leadership: be determined to lead and drive change, stay intellectually curious, be open to the new generation and learn from them, spend more on fundraising.

Suggestions to the CEIBS community: be grateful to CEIBS, and give back.