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Mommy House - the Sweetest Spot at CEIBS

Volume 2, 2015

By June ZHU

Room 6014 on Phase III of CEIBS Shanghai Campus is no ordinary dorm room. It’s become a cosy nursery where pregnant staff and students can take a break and new mums can breastfeed their babies. The wall of photos of parents and their kids, competing for space with cheerful posters, gives an idea of just how popular the room has become. It helps that it’s full of mommy must-haves such as toys, diapers, baby creams, wet naps and other sanitary products.

CEIBS Labour Union has long provided a room where pregnant women staff can rest and new mommies can breastfeed. But when students were added to the mix, things became even more interesting. It all began when Ge Minmin (FMBA 2012) gave birth to her second child while studying at CEIBS, and had difficulty finding a convenient private room on campus to nurse her baby while attending classes on weekends. When the school became aware of this challenge for Ge and other students, it expanded its efforts and the room was relocated to the newly opened third phase of the campus.


Alumni Voice, Volume 2,2015Alumni Voice, Volume 2,2015

“At the beginning it was merely an ordinary dorm room,” says Ge. “As a new mom, I knew how to make it more mother-and-baby-friendly.”

After getting the go-ahead from the school, Ge emailed all the FMBA students and around 20 or 30 of the mothers among them pitched in to help improve the room. “At the beginning I came up with a list of objects – toys, tools for breastfeeding, as well as disinfectants. Those who want to share their photos are encouraged to put them up on the wall,” she explains. Ge stresses that this was not a formal project; everyone who pitched in did so simply because they wanted to help each other. “When someone notices that some supplies are finished, she brings in a new batch next time for the others. The mums don’t use much, and many of the things are actually recyclable,” she adds.

Ge estimates that about 20 to 30 CEIBS moms have already benefited from using the room since it was redecorated last November. “The average age of FMBA students is 32, which is the peak childbearing period for women. In the case of our class, female students accounted for 16%,” says Ge. In fact, now that there’s a convenient place to breastfeed, more FMBA students are bringing their babies to school and the nursery has become quite popular. During lunch time, sometimes as many as three moms share the room together.

“We’re like brothers and sisters in our FMBA class. What we have done with this room is just a small way to benefit the CEIBS community,” says Ge. “We hope that every CEIBS mum can enjoy attending classes while raising her baby.”

Alumni Voice, Volume 2,2015