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Mobile Mania

Volume 1, 2015

In this issue’s Cover Story, we take you into the fast-paced world of China’s mobile industry as our faculty explain why the sector has been so very, very hot in recent years, whether Chinese brands will one day be able to dethrone Apple, and if there’s still room for newcomers. We also introduce you to one of these comparatively recent market entrants, Qingcheng. Its CEO Wang Xun (EMBA 2007) is now staking his reputation and the company’s success on serving a very unique niche market.

And then there’s the poll. We surveyed staff and MBA students at our Shanghai Campus to see if they, like the rest of China, have a fondness for any particular brand of smartphone. Then we got help from our professors in explaining what these poll takers’ phone choices say about their personalities. 

Read on for more in:-
• Mobile Battlefield
• Qingcheng’s Strategic Play for Market Share  
• Rebel, geek or both? – What your smartphone says about you.