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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

CEIBS eLab Welcomes MBA Class of 2019

August 11, 2017. Shanghai – Three days after they officially began classes, about 140 students from the CEIBS MBA Class of 2019 gathered in the eLab to learn more about the incubator for entrepreneurial ventures. They were there, they said in response to eLab Director Professor Vincent Chang’s questions, because their idea of the eLab is that it's all about investments, innovation and hands-on experience. They’re right.

The evening, an info session plus welcome party in the sleek incubator nestled near the school’s main gates, offered the freshmen a look at what it takes to be a part of the eLab, either as someone with a project that needs nurturing or someone who will be a part of its vital support staff. That means they can either be a part of the IDEA batch (for those at various stages of their start-up), the MBA Entrepreneurship & Investment Camp or the Service team.

As Prof. Chang explained, the two-year old eLab is a platform where students can practice the skills they've learned in class, share their start-up ideas, and convert these innovative concepts into real businesses. The eLab, he said, is a place where students who are interested in entrepreneurship can have the time and space needed to think, as well as the support needed to try and realise their dreams. He added that by leveraging the resources of more than 19,000 members of the CEIBS alumni network, the eLab continues to play an increasingly important role in the CEIBS community.

Prof. Chang believes that anyone with a dream of starting a company, working for a start-up or in the investment field can benefit from the eLab's training and practices. The incubator has coaches from in and outside of the school who can provide professional support to participants. This year, the eLab has also added the "Investor" component to its program, which will create an eco-system for start-ups, one that creates synergies between entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

Throughout the evening, members of MBA 2018 spoke about what the eLab has meant to them. Flavia Zhong, a member of the boot camp and service team, stressed that being a part of the incubator has nothing to do with titles or accolades, instead it’s all about motivating entrepreneurship and investment, sharing with and learning from others. She spoke of all she has learned through the numerous events the eLab has hosted (some where she had an opportunity to share her ideas), as well as from its coaches and mentors.

Flavia was joined by her MBA 2018 colleague Arkham Gan in answering participants’ questions, bringing the info session to a close. Then it was on to the welcome party where eLab mentor Professor Rama Velamuri spoke a bit more about the incubator’s vision and mission. The evening, attended by students already with a genuine interest in being a part of the eLab experience, made them even more eager to be counted among the growing eLab family.