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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

CEIBS Welcomes MBA 2019 Cohort

August 8, 2017. Shanghai – CEIBS welcomed the MBA Class of 2019 with an Opening Ceremony and cocktail reception today at the Shanghai Campus. The diverse cohort comes from 22 countries and regions, with 40% female students, and 30% with an entrepreneurial or family business background. Among the 179 students are a marathon runner, musical theatre actor, and a nutritionist.

“Students have joined CEIBS at one of its greatest times,” said CEIBS Vice President and Dean Prof. Ding Yuan in his welcome address. “Over the last several years, I’ve seen a great transformation of career opportunities for CEIBS MBAs. While many still come from multinational companies, an increasing number come from private Chinese companies and even startup enterprises.”

Dean Ding also gave the students a brief overview of the school’s history, and noted the international diversity of the class. He also encouraged the students to be positive and proactive in order to get the most from their MBA experience at CEIBS.

In her keynote speech, President of Bayer Greater China Group and Chairman of Bayer (China) Limited Ms. Celina Chew encouraged the cohort to speak up and share their ideas and embrace others with different views. “I hope that your MBA journey enables you to live your passion and purpose fully, and gives you the chance to change the world,” she said.

CEIBS MBA 2018 William Yan offered the new students some advice. “Study hard, make friends and keep your eyes open while keeping your minds focused,” he said.

The MBA Class of 2019 also heard from one of their fellow classmates, Christopher Stephen Day. “The CEIBS network is real,” he told them. “The women and men in this room today, and the thousands who have sat here in years past are now your network. Get to know as many of them as you can, the more diverse the better. Approach every friendship with sincerity and be kind. Don't get caught up using one another as stepping stones to a short term objective. Together we form our own platform and there is room on stage for each of us.”

Deputy Director of the MBA Programme Ms. Ma Ning provided the students with a brief overview of the MBA journey they are about to experience over the next year, as well as the variety of professional and leisure clubs, events and student competitions that are available to help them build both business skills and friendships. CEIBS Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director Prof. Juan Antonio Fernandez hosted the Opening Ceremony and offered his best wishes to the new cohort. “This is the beginning of a transformative journey and self-discovery experience that will enable you to learn about your career aspirations and yourselves,” he said. “Enjoy the diversity of the class and learn from each other.”

Joan Li
Janine M Coughlin