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Saturday, April 22, 2017

MBA 2017 Graduation

April 22, 2017. Shanghai – More than 150 students from the MBA Class of 2017 were joined by friends, family, professors and CEIBS staff to celebrate the concluding chapter of their MBA journeys.  Welcoming the MBAs into the 19k+ alumni network were leaders from CEIBS; President Dr. Li Mingjun, Vice President and Dean Prof. Ding Yuan, Vice President and Co-Dean Prof. Zhang Weijiong, and Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director Prof. Chen Shimin.

President Li began the proceedings by expressing the pride that he and his colleagues have felt whilst watching the class of MBA 2017 progress.  “Today is the perfect time for you to graduate, in an era shaped by innovation, entrepreneurship and the third wave of globalization,” he said.

In his keynote speech, Hilti Global CEO Dr. Christopher Loos shared highlights of his professional journey since receiving his MBA from the University of St. Gallen 23 years ago.  Dr. Loos spoke to the graduates about the importance of work/life balance and having a good strategy, tenacity and a bit of luck.  “Life is more complicated than just optimizing your career. Look at your life holistically and remember a good balance means sacrifice on both sides,” he said.

Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of Economics and Finance Xu Bin introduced one last theory to his students, his own take on the Four C’s of Marketing for graduates to adhere to when making their way in the world: have courage, use common sense, find a complimentary balance for life's many dimensions and act with a conscience.

Representing the MBA Class of 2017, Lauren Feder and John Hong shared some of their key takeaways from their journey at CEIBS.   “In the words of our beloved Prof. Chen, don't forget to be humble,” said Feder, who also spoke about her joy at being reunited with her classmates. She encouraged her fellow graduates to remember the lessons learnt both inside and outside of the classrooms at CEIBS.  Hong highlighted the unique courage that some minorities in the class have faced in order to reach today’s milestone, including graduates with young families, sole representatives from a country or unique region of China and those who have lost someone during their MBA journey.  “We should all be proud of the profound inclusiveness that is synonymous with CEIBS,” he said.

The MBA Class of 2017 presented the school with a class donation and a heart-warming performance of “Hero” with Julie Sivanthaphanith on vocals and Doris Chen on piano.  The MBA Class of 2018’s Dance Club sent the graduates off with a dance performance to “LA Superstar”.

Prof. Chen Shimin congratulated the MBA Class of 2017 on their new status as alumni. “Although your career will take you to many different countries and cities, CEIBS will always be your home,” he said.

Dean Ding and Co-Dean Zhang joined Prof. Chen on stage to present awards to the MBA Class of 2017’s outstanding achievers. The award recipients were:

Student Leader Award: Urs Ralph Casagrande, Cyrus Chen, Jong Wook Hong and Jeffrey Kakei Tchui

MBA Office Special Recognition Award: Cyrus Chen, Judy Qi, Dongjoo Kim, Albert Li, Helen Li, Stella Li, Stephanie Lu, Niklaus Peter Mueller, Han Shen, Julie Sivanthaphanith, Michael Tang, Jeffrey Kakei Tchui, Jiangnan Wen, Tyler Zhang and Samuel Zhao

Outstanding Graduate Award: Urs Ralph Casagrande, Karishma Mahadeo Choudhary, Diego Garcia Fernandez, Jong Wook Hong, Boon-Chin Lim, Wai Hang Mak, Jesse Miller, Yashasvi Nahata, Gabriel Pei and Sherry Yao

Special Contribution Award: Urs Ralph Casagrande and Jong Wook Hong

The ceremony concluded with Vice President and Co-Dean Zhang Weijiong calling upon the graduates to signal their new status as alumni by switching the tassel on their caps from right to left. Celebrations continued well into the evening as CEIBS hosted a graduation dinner for all who supported the students throughout their MBA journey.

James Kent
Janine M. Coughlin