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Saturday, April 15, 2017


April 15, 2017. Shanghai – Eight pioneering thought leaders from industries such as media, technology, venture capital, and social entrepreneurship, shared their vision for how our future will be‘refined’and ‘redefined’at the TEDxCEIBS 2017 RE(DE)FINE event held today in the CEIBS Pyramid on the Shanghai Campus. Organized by CEIBS MBA students, this fifth annual TEDxCEIBS event drew nearly 100 people to attend in person, while many more tuned in via a live-stream feed online. CEIBS Vice President and Co-Dean Prof. Zhang Weijiong, Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director Prof. Chen Shimin, and Associate Dean (Europe) Prof. Katherine Xin were also present.

The event’s MC, Dragon TV presenter Qin Yi, summed up the evening’s atmosphere well, saying,“In an era of enormous change, redefinition requires the combination of everyone’s power and sincerity to succeed.” Read on for highlights of the speakers’talks:

Founder & CEO of Cao Feng Advisory Company, Former Chairman of Booz & Company for Greater China, and Former Managing Partner of The Boston Consulting Group (China) Edward Tse shared some of his experiences from his 30-year career in the business consulting industry. “Redefinition is derived from great minds,” said Tse. He explained that China provides an abundant learning space for consultants because the rapidly evolving business world is still less advanced in using many of the strategic tools used in western practice, such as diversification and core competency frameworks.

Chief Technology Officer for the Greater China Region at Microsoft Mingqiang Xu shared the likely impact that block chain technology will have in redefining the economy, especially in eliminating uncertainty in trading for business and consumers. Xu introduced some of the innovative coding technologies being introduced that will, for example, maintain rapidly-changing account books for all parties and create contracts automatically based on predetermined triggers.

Founder of Founders Space (Start-Up Accelerator), Chair of Producers at Guild Silicon Valley Chapter, Board of Governors of the New Media Council, and Founding member of the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group Steven Hoffman said that redefinition is not only a question of technology, but also idealism. “With the development and implementation of new brain-computer interface technologies, brain waves can be measured, dreams can be recorded, and we may even have the power to exert control over matter beyond the human body,” said Hoffman. Far from being a rosy interpretation of the future, a worrying aspect of this trajectory is that human beings will also have the ability to record the knowledge, experience and memories of others, he said.

Founder and Managing Director of Collective Responsibility and Visiting Professor of Sustainability at CEIBS Richard Brubaker shared his definition of sustainable development in China as well as his long-term observations on population growth, migration, and urban development. He noted the need for creating urban environments in China that offer a balanced quality of life and are rooted in strong communities that can unite families, migrants and individuals.

Chief Editor of ELLE China Magazine and EMBA 2011 alumna Xiao Xue shared the impact that CEIBS EMBA programme has had on how she defines herself, noting how her mind-set and self-recognition have changed. As the media industry continues to be disrupted, Xue noted that content quality should be the top priority for journalists and content producers.

Commissioner of China International Interior Design Association (CIID), Chairman of Lv Yongzhong Associates, and Founder and Chief Designer of Banmoo Yongzhong Lv defined the meaning of ‘time’ as expressed through design and the aesthetics of everything from furniture to boats. “With the internet driving everyone crazy, I think of design as a contrast to the efficiency of modern life, reflecting the beauty of a slower life,” he said.

Honorary President of Dunhuang Research Institute Jinshi Fan, shared her experience of dedicating her life to the preservation of the Dunhuang Mogao cave murals, in a society undergoing constant refinement and redefinition. Fan graduated from Peking University in 1958 and is known as the‘Daughter of Dunhuang’.

William Yan MBA 2018
Janine M. Coughlin
Photo Editor: 
Haoxiang Yang MBA 2018