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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Disruptive Entrepreneurship

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 10

February 21, 2017. Shanghai – The evolution of disruptive innovation in Silicon Valley was used by entrepreneur and technology executive Brent Li to illustrate the six secrets of an effective industry disruptor in his talk today during the tenth eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session held on the Shanghai Campus.

Li chronicled the origins of today’s Silicon Valley, recounting how eight engineers disrupted California’s technology industry in the 1950s by starting Fairchild Semiconductor. Out of Fairchild’s lineage came Bob Noyce and his company, Intel, which, through aggressive pricing, disrupted the memory and CPU chip industries, and eventually became the standard-bearer for technological innovation over the next five decades.

In sharing Intel’s path to technological leadership, Li outlined six secrets of an effective industry disruptor. First, a disruptor breaks the rules, like when Intel priced their chips extremely low. “If you want to compete with big players, you need to do something crazy, so that they refuse to compete with you,” Li explained.

The secrets to disrupting, as outlined by Li: keeping a strong focus on your competitive advantage; making your own rules and disrupting yourself to stay ahead of the competition; using effective sales and marketing tactics; effectively dancing with industry giants; and, finally, staying optimistic and finding a way to thrive.