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Friday, December 16, 2016

Innovation in Israel

- CEIBS MBA Study Tour to the “Start-Up” Nation

December 12 - 16, 2016. Tel Aviv, Israel - Israel has become a preeminent source of technological and biomedical innovation and is now among the list of must-see destinations for entrepreneurs around the world. Led by CEIBS Professor of Operations Management Nikos Tsikriktsis, 50 CEIBS MBA students enjoyed a 5-day study tour to Israel that included unparalleled access to scholars, business leaders, entrepreneurs as well as companies and organizations that are leading the way in innovation.


Though it has just over 8 million citizens, Israel is rich in both heritage and entrepreneurial innovation. On a per capita basis, the country leads the world in technology start-ups and venture capital. The CEIBS MBA Study Tour there one mission: to explore how Israel has become the world’s leading “Start-Up” nation.

The students enjoyed lectures from a variety of speakers, including , Deputy National Security Council for Foreign Policy and International Affairs Eran Lerman, award-wining journalist Khaled Toameh, statesman Yossi Beilin, officers from the renowned 8200 Regiment and Bar Ilan professors Andrew Schein and Elise S. Brezis.

Every Israeli undergoes mandatory military service, a process that is instrumental in cultivating a sense of unity, community, interactivity and collaboration. The ecosystem within the entire nation is designed to encourage citizens to seek solutions and alternatives in response to problems that they encounter in daily life. With an impressive sense of generational duty and social responsibility, Israeli citizens are also predisposed to risk-taking and have produced a disproportionately high number of new and unconventional solutions. Among the gems that have emerged from this ecosystem are the bio-medical company Biosense Webster, visionary QR code start-up Visualead, Nanodimension, a pioneer in 3D printing, Coca-Cola’s commercialization programme “the Bridge” and the Volcani Center for Agricultural Research.


Innovation is often the product of necessity. The Volcani Center, for example, shows how, in a country where access to fresh water is severely limited, persistence and investment have lead to solutions that have made Israel a leader in water management, filtration systems and irrigation technology.

MBA 2018 Yuni He
Janine M. Coughlin