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Monday, October 24, 2016

GEMBA 2014 Nominates Outstanding Graduates

Shanghai. October 21, 2016 – Global EMBA Class of 2014 students have nominated Songping Liao, Changchun Wang and Xinrui Zhou for the Outstanding Graduate Award. They will be presented with their awards after the October 30 deadline for public comment has successfully passed.

The GEMBA program honours three top students in each graduating class. Classmates cast votes based on their peers’ moral and academic pursuits.  

In a spirit of openness and transparency, members of the public may raise objections to nominees. For the GEMBA 2014, written objections must be made before 4pm on October 30. See below for additional details.

Public Comment on Nominees

for the CEIBS Global EMBA 2014 Outstanding Graduate Award

In accordance with CEIBS regulations, the CEIBS Programme Department will honour three top students of each EMBA graduation class. The names of candidates for the CEIBS Global EMBA 2014 Outstanding Graduate Award are grouped by class and ranked by score in the list below. Candidates are chosen by the votes of classmates, and considered on the basis of excellence in both moral and academic pursuits. The list is as follows:


Student Number

Name in Chinese

Other Name/Name in Pinyin





LIAO, Songping





WANG, Changchun





ZHOU, Xinrui


The list of candidates is open to public comment until 16:00 on Oct. 30, 2016. If there are any objections to the list, they may be submitted in written form to the EMBA Programme Department (Flora Zhu, Tel.: 86-21-28905205; E-mail: zflora@ceibs.edu). Any entity that wishes to voice an objection shall provide the contact person’s name and contact information in the relevant documents and affix them with a common seal; any individual who wishes to voice an objection shall provide his/her real name, employer and contact information in the relevant documents. Submitted documents that do not conform to the above regulations shall not be considered.

If there are no objections to any of the candidates raised before the public-comment period expires, or if the candidates are certified as eligible in spite of any dissent, CEIBS shall proceed in presenting them with the Global EMBA 2014 Outstanding Graduate Award.