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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Korn Ferry CEO Gives Keynote at CEIBS Executive Forum

September 22, 2016. Shanghai – Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison shared his views on leadership at a CEIBS Executive Forum today on the Shanghai Campus. The author of The Leadership Journey: How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader as well as several other books, Burnison explained that leaders do not simply tell people what to do, leaders create a why, a purpose. To enhance the why, they must be able to connect with people emotionally and be authentic when interacting with others。

Burnison also shared stories of his own career path. He said that a leadership journey resembles the caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly. Managers tend to be very action-oriented in executing tasks early on, then some will get wings and take off, while others stay action-oriented.

Korn Ferry CEO Mr. Gary Burnison
He also explained why some leaders are able to get others to follow them while others cannot. His reasons included having courage, strategy, agility and the ability to navigate beyond the horizon. Burnison also encouraged the audience to think outside in as well as inside out. By thinking outside in, one considers customers and clients and their needs. By thinking inside out, leaders consider the needs of their employees. Leaders also need to be humble and have a great deal of self-awareness. Failures will surely be part of the journey but as long as one learns from these, failures are a positive experience.

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison and CEIBS Associate Professor of Strategy, Dr. Peter Moran, who moderated the event

Claudia Schaefer