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Monday, November 27, 2017

Lohhas Self-Serve Convenience Store Opens at CEIBS

~ Alumni Company

November 27, 2017. Shanghai – If you’ve been to the CEIBS Shanghai Campus canteen anytime in the past week you may have noticed something different. Nestled next to the machine that provides freshly-squeezed orange juice is what looks like an extra wide fridge with fruits, vegetables, drinks and snacks inside. But on closer inspection, you’ll notice the camera on top of the doors, the instructions and QR code and realise this is a self-serve snack machine. It’s a prelude to the self-serve convenience store which has been long whispered about and will finally open on campus tomorrow!

Both have been brought to CEIBS by Lohhas, the brainchild of founder Leo Tao, CEIBS EMBA 2010 and member of CEIBS eLab. Lohhas stands for “life of health, happiness and sharing” and both the snack machine and convenience store will be stocked with products that reflect these values – a perfect product fit to meet the needs of the hardworking students at CEIBS.

In Shanghai there are already around 20 of these self-serve convenience stores in Puxi, but the CEIBS location is the first in Pudong. Lohhas is planning to open 100 stores in Shanghai by the end of this year and another 5,000 are being planned for next year.

Products offered in each store will be tailored specifically to consumers’ demands, preferences and tastes that are unique to each location (for example customers in a residential area would need different items than those in a hospital).  Purchasing preferences are analysed by Lohhas’ smart information system, so they will keep refining product offerings to match customer demand. This is a huge differentiator for Lohhas compared to traditional convenience stores such as Family Mart or 7-11.

Unlike traditional stores where people interact directly with a salesperson and minimal technology is used for basic transaction processing, Lohhas uses technology to give consumers a direct channel of communication to the company itself. This provides instant feedback on its products and allows the company to react swiftly and effectively. Customers will rarely find their favourite item is out of stock as Lohhas’ technology will give instant updates to the company when stock is low.

Lohhas is not only reactive but also proactive – based on purchasing habits and preferences, it can also recommend products to customers, helping them discover new items and making them aware of special deals on their favourite products. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on Lohhas’ WeChat channel. So go ahead, tell them what you want to see in the stores on campus!

Welcome to CEIBS Lohhas – it’s been worth the wait.

Jacqueline Shi
Charmaine N. Clarke