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Friday, November 10, 2017

CEIBS Hosts Board of Directors Meeting 2017

November 10, 2017. Shanghai – The CEIBS Board of Directors held its 2017 Annual Meeting today at the School’s Shanghai Campus, chaired by new Chairman Professor Lin Zhongqin and co-chaired by Professor Eric Cornuel. Prof. Lin is an Academician of China Academy of Engineering and President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, while Prof. Cornuel is Director General & CEO of the EFMD.

During the meeting, School leaders updated the Board on progress made in implementing the current Five-Year Plan, and initiatives such as Internationalisation 2.0, knowledge creation, multi-campus management as well as faculty and staff development. The challenges the School is facing, as well as countermeasures, were also discussed.

After reviewing the School’s annual report and budget plan for 2018, the Board gave the go-ahead to the major proposals. It also praised CEIBS for its achievements this year, noting in particular its open, tolerant and cohesive governance culture, solid financial performance alongside the Internationalisation 2.0 expansion, faculty and staff development, as well as the new thinking and initiatives being implemented under the Five-Year-Plan.

Board Member and former Prime Minister of France Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin noted that though he has never before seen such a complicated organisational structure, he has also never seen such beautiful results.  He added that he is proud to sit on the CEIBS Board.

During the meeting, the Board gave a retrospect of the great support that CEIBS has received from both Chinese and EU governments as well as its executive founding partners. In addition to providing suggestions for future development, the Board noted that the unique status of the School, and its independence, flexibility and international features are part of its key competitiveness, and said these should be nurtured and enhanced.