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Friday, September 29, 2017

China Financial Innovation Forum 2017

September 29, 2017. Shanghai – “Financial Opening and Service Sector Development” was the weighty theme of the China Financial Innovation Forum 2017, held today at the CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance (CLIIF).

“In recent years, we have seen a steady opening up in terms of the financial processes being implemented in China,” CEIBS President Professor Li Mingjun noted in his keynote speech. “Meanwhile, within the context of the country stepping into the ‘new normal’ phase, the opening up of China’s financial sector is playing an increasingly important role in transforming and upgrading the Chinese economy.” He also noted the role that CEIBS has played in all of this: bringing together a highly competent international faculty team and nurturing a formidable talent pool in the field of finance. Prof Li added that CEIBS, in collaboration with the Shanghai Lujiazui Group, had also initiated the CLIIF – an innovative financial think tank whose mission is to support the development of Shanghai as an international financial hub, and provide support in China’s efforts at financial modernisation.

During his speech, Deputy District Mayor of Shanghai Pudong New Area Li Guohua highlighted Pudong’s achievements in terms of financial development since China’s Reform and Opening Up in the 1970s. China will only be able to outperform its competitors by deepening its financial reform and developing its service sector, he said.

The day’s event also saw Counsellor to the People’s Bank of China and Executive Deputy Director of CLIIF, Sheng Songcheng, who is also CEIBS Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance, sharing his thoughts on key aspects of China’s future economic and financial reforms.

More than 200 government officials, eminent scholars, and industrial leaders attended the event.