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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Global EMBA Alumni Share Insights with EMBA Hopefuls

February 23, 2017. Shanghai – The CEIBS Global EMBA Programme redefined the meaning of leadership for Gillian Zhang. “I came from a learning and development background, so I thought I had a good understanding of what ‘leadership’ means. But the week-long leadership module at CEIBS Global EMBA surprised me, and exceeded my expectations,” said the Director-BU Business Planning at Coca-Cola. “It takes a scientific and psychological approach to leadership, more than just slogans. Your entire interaction within your team is video-taped, and then you will analyse your behaviour in great detail, with an executive coach, to gain a deep understanding of yourself. It is an impactful self-exploration journey and an eye-opener for self-awareness.”

The Global EMBA 2015 alumnus was speaking about her experiences in the programme to an audience of 75 EMBA hopefuls who attended an Info-session this evening in Shanghai’s Xintiandi District to learn more about the CEIBS Global EMBA. She was one of four alumni who participated in the panel discussion at the event along with Jimmie Rasmussen, Shang Wenyu and Seoul Min.

Jimmie Rasmussen (Global EMBA 2012), Strategy & Marketing Director for Grundfos, shared some of the continuous benefits he has gotten from the programme. “Now that I have reached a position where I am regularly engaging at the Executive Committee level, if I didn’t have the Global EMBA behind me, I would have been silent. It has provided me with the toolkit and the language to express myself with great confidence,” he said.

“I paid the tuition myself, and I can say 100% that the investment has paid itself back many times,” said Seoul Min (Global EMBA 2010), Managing Partner for NxtAsia Consulting. He added that the Programme also helped him expand his network in China.

“It is a big commitment, but absolutely a worthwhile one,” said Shang Wenyu (Global EMBA 2014), who is Global Director of Technology at PolyOne. “I am so glad that I made the choice to join CEIBS Global EMBA.”

The CEIBS Global EMBA, ranked 13th globally by the Financial Times, is the premium part-time Executive MBA programme based in Shanghai. It allows you to learn with and from high-achieving executive classmates, without having to interrupt your career.   

Janine Coughlin
Marcel-Austin Martin