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Thursday, September 14, 2017

CEIBS Welcomes Entrepreneurs

~ 6th CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp Holds Opening Ceremony

September 14, 2017. Shanghai — Following a rigorous selection process, 54 participants were chosen from among 750 applicants for admission to the CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp, which welcomed its 6th batch of entrepreneurs to the programme today with an opening ceremony at the Shanghai Campus.

In his welcome address, CEIBS President and Chairman of the E-Platform Prof. Li Mingjun shared some thoughts on entrepreneurship and encouraged participants to stay true to themselves. “Before starting your business I would suggest you find your ego first – define yourself by asking what you are looking for, how you will face failure and agony, and why you choose to be an entrepreneur,” he said. “Then you can stay true to your original aspiration moving forward, without getting lost despite the difficulties ahead.”

Managing Director of GSR Ventures Zhu Xiaohu gave the young entrepreneurs five suggestions in his keynote speech: first, try to identify a small but critical customer “pain point”, rather than only looking at the “megatrends”; second, bear in mind that there is always room for efficiency improvement in today’s entrepreneurial landscape, which is being reshaped by the internet and related technologies; third, standardise your products and services if you are trying to realise a quick expansion; fourth, engage and integrate yourself with both the upstream and downstream of the sector where you operate in order to occupy the strategic high ground ahead of others; fifth, maximise your advantages vis-à-vis your competitors.

A representative of the 5th batch of CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp, Founder of Guru Network Wang Xiaoyu, shared five things she learned through the Programme with the new admits: first, many truths that seem to be complex are actually easy; second, think before taking action; third, learn to do “subtraction” to improve what you have to offer to your clients and the market – complexity and profusion are not necessarily characteristics of good products and services; fourth, learn to accept the imperfection in yourself and your products – try to perfect things moving forward; fifth, stay hungry, stay foolish – just keep learning.

Representing the 6th CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp students, Hong Yingli, Founder of Beijing Zeepson Technology Stock, affirmed that to choose entrepreneurship is to choose a lonely journey. Both professionally and personally she said she appreciates that the CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp provides an opportunity for gathering together a batch of lonely entrepreneurs like her.

Vice President and Co-Dean Prof. Zhang Weijiong, Assistant President and Secretary-General of E-Platform Dr. Snow Zhou, Programme Director and Professor of Management Practice Gong Yan also attended today’s ceremony.