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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Prof. Xu Xiaonian 1st Recipient of CEIBS Philanthropy Award

November 19, 2016. Shanghai – Santander Chair in Economics and Finance Prof. Xu Xiaonian is the first recipient of the CEIBS Philanthropy Award for Faculty Members. The Award was conferred at the EMBA/FMBA 2014 Graduation Ceremony today.

The Award has been established to honour faculty members who make outstanding contributions and whose accomplishments can be viewed as models of philanthropy both within and outside the CEIBS community. In line with CEIBS’ mission and vision, the school values faculty members’ active participation in philanthropic activities, as this promotes corporate social responsibility as well as social development in China.

“In recent years, there has been an increasing number of faculty who have dedicated part of their personal savings and spare time towards different kinds of giving, including voluntary action, and not-for-profit activities. They are perfect examples to the CEIBS community, illustrating how to make use of personal success by contributing to society beyond just career service,” said Vice President and Dean Ding Yuan in announcing the award.

Prof. Xu Xiaonian has been a philanthropy pioneer among CEIBS faculty members, devoting his spare time to philanthropic activities for many years. He has also been a strong advocate of sustainable philanthropy. Besides his lectures appealing for donations to support children returning to school in the Wenchuan area following the earthquake there, Prof. Xu has participated in philanthropy projects lifting the rural poor out of poverty in sustainable agriculture practices, and supporting medical insurance coverage for children in rural areas with serious illnesses. Prof. Xu has left his philanthropic footprints across rural areas in Shanxi, Anhui, Zhejiang and Yunnan provinces. Prof. Xu regards philanthropy as a business for everyone; and that heartfelt efforts can last forever.