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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Research Paper by Prof. Zhu Tian Wins Bergson Prize

November 29, 2017. Shanghai - CEIBS Associate Dean and Professor of Economics Zhu Tian has been awarded the Bergson Prize for his paper titled “Re-estimating China’s Underestimated Consumption” which was published in 2015 by the journal Comparative Economic Studies. The Prize, in memory of late Harvard Professor Abram Bergson, is awarded every other year by the Association for Comparative Economic Studies for the best paper published by the journal in the previous two years. It will be conferred at the Association’s Membership Meeting at the ASSA Meetings in Philadelphia in January 2018.

In the paper, Prof. Zhu and his co-author, Prof. Zhang Jun of Fudan University, show that China’s consumption rate is significantly underestimated. They analyse the sources of underestimation in the official statistics, and explain how correcting the consumption statistics would  significantly change our perception of China’s macroeconomic structure. Professor Zhu is also Director of the CEIBS EMBA Programme. His current research focusses on China’s economy and the cultural aspect of economic development.

Read the paper here, and watch Prof. Zhu discuss his findings here.

Janine Coughlin