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Saturday, November 12, 2016

International Alumni Now Have a Home in Shanghai

November 12, 2016. Shanghai – CEIBS’ international alumni in Shanghai now have their very own Chapter! The launch of the CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter (International), which took place today, is yet another plank in the school’s efforts to enhance its global impact by leveraging its strength in China.

“This inauguration is important for the school because when CEIBS was created 20 years ago the clear goal was that it should be international,” said Assistant President and Secretary General of CEIBS Alumni Steering Committee Snow Zhou during his welcome remarks. “CEIBS will continue to expand our global presence and network. This is the only way to become a truly global player. This international chapter will serve as an inspiration in our efforts.”

The Chapter officially received its certificate of establishment from CEIBS President (European) Prof. Pedro Nueno who also took the audience down memory lane with a laughter-filled look back at CEIBS over the past 22 years.

The Chapter’s mission is to be the home base for English-speaking CEIBS Alumni and to provide a platform where all interaction will be in English. Membership does not exclude Chinese alumni who wish to join, however, and in fact half of the members are Chinese nationals. There are also current students among the membership, ensuring that there is a smooth transition and continuity in the Chapter’s organisational structure as new alumni are added to the school’s almost 18,000-strong network. Its aim is to support all alumni related activities by coordinating networking events, academic sessions and other social activities while promoting shared interests as well as the experiences of its members. Like many other CEIBS alumni organisations, the international chapter is part of the broader Shanghai Chapter. However there is one distinction, the group has firm global ambitions. Alumni around the world are encouraged to become a part of the network to help strengthen the Global Breadth of resource sharing and social interaction. With support from the CEIBS Alumni Office, the Chapter works to connect members of the international alumni with Chinese-speaking members of domestic alumni chapters.

During today’s launch, Secretary General Margaret Kan explained what has been accomplished since the decision was taken, at the end of 2015, to establish the chapter – and what comes next. The first event was held in January 2016 and at least 10 more followed throughout the year. These included mixers, lectures and online sharing. Events attracted, on average, 70 to 100 participants. Some even had as many as 200 attendees – all before the chapter was officially launched. Now that it is “official” the group intends to do a lot more. “This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” said Kan.

The second half of the event included remarks by Chapter President Jun Lee who stressed the vision to make the chapter a truly global bridge that brings all alumni together to share their knowledge and experience. The event concluded with special remarks from He Yi, Chairman of CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter and an intriguing speech by the international chapter’s Honorary Advisor, David Gosset.

Chapter Council:
President: Jun Lee (GEMBA13), 
Vice President: Alanna Shi (MBA06),
Vice President: Michele Comacchio (GEMBA12), 
Vice President: Vijay Nadipineni (MBA14),
Secretary General: Margaret Kan (MBA08),
COO: Cedric Devroye (GEMBA15),
CMO: Yashasvi Nahata (MBA17),
Jay Ha (GEMBA14), 
Sneha Das (MBA17), 
Anant Mithal (MBA18),
Lily Li (MBA15),
Dora Li (MBA08), 
Dante Bustos (GEMBA16),
Remi Te (GEMBA16).

Tara Kwon (MBA16),
Rohan Kamath (MBA16).

Connect the Shanghai Chapter (International):-LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8454554

CEIBS Contact in Alumni Relations Office: Verena Kohleick kverena@ceibs.edu

Charmaine Clarke/ Verena Kohleick
Charmaine Clarke