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CEIBS MBA Programme Moves Up 9 Places in FT Rankings
- #15 globally, still #1 MBA in mainland China

January 28, 2013

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January 28, 2013 – The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) has advanced 9 spots in the Financial Times 2013 global ranking of Full-time MBA programmes, rising to #15 worldwide. Once again, CEIBS has the top-ranked MBA programme among business schools in mainland China and was one of the very few world class management institutions in Asia to make the FT list. CEIBS MBA programme has been among the Top 25 business schools worldwide for 9 consecutive years (2005 to 2013).

Based on its survey of global MBA graduates, the Financial Times noted that CEIBS had:
- a 157% increase in graduates’ salary three years after they completed the programme (up 7% over 2012)
- a 25-point jump in value for money (ranked #24 this year, #49 last year)
- a 19-point increase in alumni’s career progress (#8 this year, #27 last year)
- 95% of its alumni employed within  3 months after graduating, despite the increasingly challenging global job market
- a 9-point increase (ranked #14) in its international course experience, which measures the extent of international exposure embedded in the MBA curriculum
- improved international mobility of students (up 3 places to #38), an indicator of alumni’s “employment movement” before and after their MBA
- more international faculty on board (70% of the faculty pool)
- and they were producing higher quality research (up 15 spots to #66).

In responding to the FT ranking results, CEIBS Executive President Professor Zhu Xiaoming urged the school's faculty and staff not to become complacent but to remain modest and continue learning from other globally recognized business schools. Continued hard work, he said, would take CEIBS to even greater levels of success.

Vice President & Dean John Quelch also stressed the importance of continuous improvement to cement CEIBS' vision of becoming the most respected international business school, one that fosters ties between China and the rest of the globe by providing world class business management education.

The annual FT survey of global MBA programmes is one of the longest-running, most rigorous, and best respected media rankings. CEIBS is also accredited by EQUIS and AACSB, two leading systems of academic quality assessment worldwide.

CEIBS MBA Programme Moves Up 9 Places in <EM>FT</EM> Rankings<br/>- #15 globally, still #1 MBA in mainland China

CEIBS Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director Professor Chen Shimin attributed this year’s favourable FT ranking to the school’s ability to produce managerial talent that is highly sought after by both domestic and multinational companies. "These results reflect our ability to provide a top-notch MBA curriculum that is rooted in China Depth and Global Breadth. Our courses are taught by a first-class international faculty that has a wealth of experience in teaching, research, and consulting in China and abroad," said Prof. Chen. "We are also fortunate to have a career development team that is one of the best in the Asia-Pacific and beyond. In addition, we recruit a group of highly talented students with rich professional and personal experiences. During our 18-month programme, we work with them to sharpen their analytical abilities and soft skills – not only through course work but also through various activities beyond the classroom." 

CEIBS’ MBA programme also includes internships, consulting projects, extra-curricular activities and exchange programmes with other top b-schools around the world, providing students with numerous opportunities to obtain practical experience in both the Chinese and global markets. As highlighted by the FT ranking, the programme has a strong international component, making gains this year in international course experience, student’s global mobility and international faculty. As a result CEIBS graduates are increasingly being sought out to participate in leadership development programmes at well-known MNCs. "Over the past 8 years, CEIBS has seen steady improvement in the categories of value for money, career progress, international mobility, and being recommended by our alumni. We are encouraged by these results, and will work even harder in the coming years to ensure that our graduates have fulfilling careers," said MBA Director, Admissions & Career Services, Yvonne Li.

The CEIBS MBA curriculum has been improved, over the years, to meet students’ needs and adapt to the changing global environment. Last year, CEIBS launched separate coordinated degree programmes with Fletcher and Johns Hopkins to provide students with opportunities to broaden their MBA study to include the fields of diplomacy and healthcare, respectively. Meanwhile this year, in response to increasing interest in launching start-ups, entrepreneurship will be added as a 3rd area of focus (the others are finance and marketing).

"Over the years, other changes in programme content have included an emphasis on ‘soft’ management skills such as teamwork, communication, entrepreneurial mindset, responsibility and leadership. And we’ve added courses aimed at deepening students’ understanding of China’s market and business environment," said MBA Department Deputy Director Ma Ning. "We’ve also provided more integrated modules and, very importantly, we have adjusted the curriculum to factor in the overseas internship period. This extended summer internship gives second-year students more flexibility and has had a positive effect on international placements. We will continue to observe market trends and ensure that the CEIBS MBA curriculum continues to meet the needs of our students, as well as the Chinese and global markets."

The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) offers a unique combination of "China Depth, Global Breadth" – taking advantage of its position as a leading business school in Asia to train responsible leaders. CEIBS’ vision is to become the most respected international business school by linking East and West in teaching, research, and business practice and by promoting China’s social and economic development through high-impact knowledge creation and dissemination. The school’s origins as a joint venture between the European Commission and the Chinese government have allowed CEIBS to develop a unique positioning in offering truly world-class business management education with proven China expertise. After 18 years of phenomenal growth, CEIBS' impressive 13,000 plus alumni base includes more than 2,000 CEOs and top-level decision makers.