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Saeb Eigner Lectures on Business and the Arts at CEIBS Beijing

May 14, 2012

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May 14, 2012 - CEIBS Beijing campus was honoured to host a distinguished guest - Lonworld Group Chairman Mr. Saeb Eigner, who came to campus to deliver a special lecture on the arts. Forbes Beijing Bureau Chief Mr. Simon Montlake, Agricultural Bank of China Chief Economist Prof. Xiang Songzuo, City University of Hong Kong Former President and Peking University Social Science Chair Professor Dr. Zhang Xinggang, CEIBS Vice President and Dean John Quelch and CEIBS Associate Dean Xu Dingbo also attended the event.

In his opening speech, Dean Quelch welcomed Mr. Eigner to Beijing, and highlighted Mr. Eigner’s financial expertise and his insight into the arts, particularly art of the Middle East and China. Dean Quelch also emphasised that the school would continue to organise more cultural and art activities in order to enrich the spiritual life of students and alumni, increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and cultivate them into business elites with superior art appreciation abilities.

Dean Quelch

Mr. Eigner then delivered his thought-provoking speech, in which he elaborated three ways that art can impact modern life – through charity and the arts, business and the arts, and arts in the workplace and the local community. Mr. Eigner spoke about famous museums, such as the Guggenheim, the Tate, and other private museums worldwide. “We should thank those who have preserved these valuable collections. They are people of great vision,” said Mr. Eigner. He also argued that a successful combination of business and art can give businesses an valuable opportunity to contribute to charity: “By organising arts-related activities, business institutions can not only promote their own brands, but can also support the development of the arts as well as of artists. In my opinion, this is true charity.”

Mr. Saeb Eigner

Mr. Eigner also noted that many sectors, such as finance and aviation, are increasingly supporting the arts and that many countries are now also providing generous funding. He encouraged those in the audience to appreciate and support the arts despite living busy lives.

The presentation was preceded by an exhibition of contemporary Chinese oil paintings at CEIBS’ Beijing Campus. Guests were treated to a display of works by renowned Chinese artists, such as Wu Guanzhong, Chen Yifei and Zhang Xiaogang, as well as emerging artists from Beijing’s vibrant 798 Art Zone.

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Writer: Jane Kong
Editor: Rachael McGuinness
Photo Editor: Ewan Lin