CEIBS MBA Technology Club (CMTC)

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA Technology Club (CMTC)
Club Vision: 

Everyone has a potential to be a“techie”.

Club Mission: 
  1. We build and maintain active community of people with interest in high-tech and digital.

  2. We give knowledge about the industry both in hard skill and soft skill training

  3. We increase CEIBS community the awareness of technology and new trends

Club Activities or Events: 

Technology club will focus on three different levels of value-adding for MBA students, which mainly targets at three aspects

  1. Let students understand high-tech industry and its trends

  2. Let students have an insight in how traditional companies transform with technology and digitalization

  3. Let students have extensive knowledge and information regarding what startup companies are doing and how they survive in fierce competition

Technology club will organize activities and events to achieve that:

  1. Hold knowledge and Industry Insight sharing sessions and panel discussions in high-tech (i.e. IoT, AI, Blockchain, Cloud)

  2. Schedule company visit with informational sessions from students / alumni with working experience in high-tech industry, to help members have deeper understanding about high-tech industry

  3. Share latest information in WeChat

  4. Connect members with CEIBS alumni and provide social opportunities

  5. Support students participate in INNOVATE China and other technology relevant competitions

  6. Offer hands on opportunities to solve companies’ problem in the process of digitalization

President Name: 
Hugo He

Club Contact Information