CEIBS MBA Leisure Club

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA Leisure Club
Club Vision: 

To ensure the work-life balance for the students of CEIBS.

Club Mission: 
  • To cater to physiological needs of the MBA students; making the MBA experience more enriching and fulfilling.

  • Facilitating the forging of lifelong bonds.

Club Activities or Events: 

Leisure club is responsible for organizing all leisure related activities on campus, including all sports. The club aims to organize the following activities and more during the course of this academic year:

  • Sunny Cup Competition

  • Dragon Boat Competition

  • Photography Contest

  • MBA Dramatics Presentation
  • Whiskey & Cigar Tasting
  • Movie Screenings

  • Rock Climbing and Bouldering

  • CEIBS Musical Talent Show

(Please note that some of the above activities may be carried out in collaboration with other professional clubs)

President Name: 
Shivanshu Khillan

Club Contact Information