CEIBS MBA Data Analytics Club (CMDAC)

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA Data Analytics Club (CMDAC)
Club Vision: 

To enable future leaders become better decision makers through a data driven approach to problem solving

Club Mission: 

To prepare future leaders for the AI/big data era

Club Activities or Events: 

Data analytics clubs aims at developing analytical problem solving skills in CEIBS graduates by training and immersion. Our key activities include:

  • Develop concrete, in-demand skills in problem solving by using basic and advanced statistical techniques. Help students understand the relevancy of different techniques basis business context

  • Help students complete illustrative projects using data sets from the world of finance, healthcare, government, social welfare, and more—allowing them to build a diverse exposure to interconnected problems

  • Deliver comprehensive, hands-on training on analytics using Tableau/Python, the most popular analytics languages

  • Knowledge and Industry Insight sharing in Analytics and Decision Sciences. Helping students stay up to date with the coming trends and movements in the space of data analytics and artificial intelligence

  • Organize company visits and industry expert sharing sessions to enable face to face interaction between students and industry leaders

  • Organize intra school analytics exchange and competition to help students test their understanding in unpredictably new problems and situations

President Name: 
Robin Li

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