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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MBA Class of 2016 Student Ambassadors Inaugurated

MBA Class of 2016 Student Ambassadors Inaugurated

September 30, 2014. Shanghai – The 32 student ambassadors who will represent the 166 members of the CEIBS MBA Class of 2016 were inaugurated today. The student ambassadors hail from 16 countries & regions and 16 industries and will play an important role in promoting the CEIBS brand by organizing events and providing information to prospective MBA applicants.

Speaking during the ceremony, CEIBS Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director Professor Chen Shimin praised the group's enthusiasm and dedication and pointed out that being a student ambassador is not only honor, but also a responsibility. He encouraged them to set a good example to attract more excellent talents to CEIBS. The new ambassadors also heard from Mr. Juan Gonzalez (MBA 2015), who shared some of his experiences from last year when he served as a student ambassador. He emphasized their importance in serving as a bridge to attract outstanding applicants to CEIBS. Fifteen of the student ambassadors who were vying for President and Director posts then gave passionate campaign speeches. Ulitmately Mr. Elric Yin was elected President of the group while Kevin Shimota was chosen as Events Team Director and Nicole Chen was chosen as Media Team Director.  

The student ambassadors representing the CEIBS MBA Class of 2016 are:

Argentina: Ramiro Gomez Lopez    Germany: Alexander Erik Kern
Australia: Jane Kwok   India: Sushant Gupta
Brazil: Eduardo Snel Vianna     Elton Carvalho
China: Zhu Chao   Israel: Stav Shvartz
  Tianming Chen    Italy: Tommaso Tomoli
  Cindy Xiao   Kazakhstan: Saken Shayakhmetov
  Susan Wu   Korea: Jae-Ha Lee
  Gang (Logan) Lu   Russia: Ivan Vostrikov
  Wayne Sun   Singapore: Jason Kow
  Royal Chen   Spain: Marcos Majo
  Elric Yin   Taiwan: Gibi Chen
  Viola Deng     Carter Weng
  Celin Lu    US: Sandra Shana Smith
  Frank Zhang     Eugene Wu (has also lived in Hong Kong & Taiwan)
  Sara Shen     Kevin Shimota
  Jiang Jiawei      
  Gary Lu