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On-demand Video Service

CEIBS On-demand Videos List

The Stanford Video Guide (English)

Professors Margaret Neale and George Parker from Stanford explain 2 business aspects such as Negotiating & Financial Statements.

MBA Case Video

Case videos.

INSEAD Course: Modern Management Series (Chinese and English)

This program is compiled and lectured by 30 eminent professors from INSEAD. CEIBS collects six parts: Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Innovation Management, Production Management.

Stanford Executive Briefing (English)

A Leading corporate manager, consultant, or academician is invited to Stanford University to present his or her vision of the future marketplace and strategies that will grow and create successful businesses.

PKU Business Management Cases Studies Video Selection (Chinese)

This program contains speeches in 12 topics by 18 renowned Chinese entrepreneurs in Peking University.

CEO Talks at Peking University (English)

This program contains classic speeches in by 14 well-known Chinese CEO in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

The Battle for the World Economy (English with Chinese subtitle)

This series explores our changing world: the new rules of the game, the winners and losers in the clash between government and the marketplace, the great debate over the impact of globalization, and the powerful forces shaping our economy and the future of society.

Management Audit by Peter F. Drucker (English)

In this program, Drucker explains why the conventional Audit is not enough. He also plunges into the balance between objectives in different areas, and presents the human resources as the centre of gravity and the lever to draw results.

The Apprentice (English)

"The Apprentice" is a 15-episode unscripted drama in which 16 candidates will endure rigorous tasks each week. After splitting the group into two teams of 8, tasks would be assigned and one member of the losing team would be fired. The winner of the competition, the true "apprentice" will be granted the dream job and a salary of $250,000.

CEIBS Mock Interviews (English & Chinese)

Contains mock interviews conducted by CEIBS MBA students.

Fortune Forum & Fortune Dialogue 99 (English & Chinese)

Contains Fortune Global Forums and Fortune Dialogue.

Chinese Learning

Chinese learning.

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