• Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.

  • Faculty & Research

    Knowledge creation on China, from proven China experts.


Leadership and Responsibility

​The Centre for Leadership and Responsibility reflects our school’s mission “To educate responsible leaders versed in ‘China Depth, Global Breadth’". Responsible leadership was added to the mission statement in 2011, in recognition of CEIBS’ formative influence on China business practices, and the consequent scope to help the country’s institutions and organizations work through major challenges of environmental degradation, booming natural resource consumption, social inequality and other consequences of rapid economic development.We are working to help companies, especially Chinese companies to embrace and embed sustainability into their strategy and operation.

  • Vision

To be a world-class academic center to bridge business and society and address global sustainability challenges.

  • Mission

The Centre is committed to advocating responsible business through awareness raising and capacity building, with a focus in China.

  • Team

Prof. Lydia Price, Center Director

Lydia J. Price is Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Department of Marketing at CEIBS.  From 2006-2012 she was Associate Dean and Director of the CEIBS MBA Program. Under her leadership the program deepened its international focus and stature as well as its China expertise, rising steadily in major business school rankings as a consequence.  In 2009 she implemented a major curriculum change that strengthened the program’s commitment to Responsible Leadership and Sustainability, including an innovative mandatory course in which students complete sustainability field projects in the China context. Several of these student projects have earned global awards and accolades from the corporate and academic communities.

Professor Price also oversees CEIBS accreditation processes for AACSB and EQUIS, and she is an award winning professor of marketing with more than 20 years’experience teaching Chinese executives and MBA students.  Her current teaching and research interests lie in the area of cultivating sustainable business practices, and greening markets. Prior to joining CEIBS, Professor Price was on the faculties of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and INSEAD, France. She also has been a visiting professor at New York University, Beijing University, and Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal.  Professor Price holds a PhD in Marketing from Columbia University, an MS in Marketing Research from University of Cincinnati, and a BS in Marketing from Miami University. Dr. Price's research appears in international journals such as Marketing Letters, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of Economic Psychology, Multivariate Behavioral Research and Journal of International Business Studies.

Email: plydia@ceibs.edu   Personal page

Dr. Lujie Chen, International Research Fellow

Dr. Lujie Chen’s expertise is in the areas of sustainability management, innovation, corporate performance measurements, and global supply chain management. Her teaching and research interests focus on sustainability strategy, environment management, innovation and operations management. She has published several articles in refereed journals including the International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Cleaner Production and International Journal of Logistics Research and Application. Her research received Purchasing & Supply Management Best Paper Award at 6th European Decision Sciences Institute Conference. Moreover, she also work as regular reviewer for the following international recognized journals including International Journal of Production Economics, OMEGA—The International Journal of Management Science, Journal of Cleaner production, International Journal of Production Research, Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society and Journal of sustainability. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Lujie Chen contributed mainly to the project “Manufacturing locations and plant roles” (Produktions lokalisering och fabriksroller) funded by Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency) Project. Her project partners in Sweden are Toyota BT, Paternertech, Alfa Laval and VOLVO.

Dr. Lujie Chen received her Ph.D. in Production Economics with a major in Operations Management from the Linkoping University, Sweden. Her PhD dissertation is entitled with “Sustainability and company performance: Evidence from the manufacturing industry.” This dissertation follows the decision-making processes concerning operations, and the importance for companies to understand how to coordinate profit, people, and planet. She also received her MSc in Sustainable Technology from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Civil Aviation University of China. Prior to joining CEIBS in 2015, she works as a Research assistant/Teaching assistant in Linkoping University in Sweden from 2010 to 2015. For the industry experience, Dr. Lujie Chen works as an operations manager/officer in Air China from 2005 to 2008.

Email: clujie@ceibs.edu

Qiong Zhang, Research Assistant

Qiong Zhang joined the Center for Leadership and Responsibility in 2016. Before CEIBS, she worked as a project consultant in environmental protection, mainly involving in low-carbon economy and waste management.

Qiong Zhang received her bachelor degree in Environment Science from Shanghai Tongji University and master degree in Environment Engineering from TUC Germany.

Email: zqiong2@ceibs.edu 

  • Research Areas 

The center conducts rigorous research on responsible business and aims to provide managerial insights to tackle major social and environmental challenges in China.

Research focus areas include:

Growth Opportunity through Sustainability

Sustainability is entering a new stage of evolution as early-adopting firms expand from internally focused efforts of waste management and footprint reduction to more externally focused efforts of product, service and business model innovation.  Sustainability leaders in future will of necessity drive revenue growth in addition to maintaining cost control.

Integrating and Embedding Sustainability into Business

Conventional logics increase the ease and speed of managerial decision making.  Convention inhibits change, however, slowing the transition to sustainable practice. Our center seeks to identify facilitating integrate and embed sustainable strategy and practices into business, and to identify inhibiting mindsets and the means to their transformation

The Interface of China and the World 

Our centre also looks at focal points where China interactes with the other part of the world. The topics we invistigate include supply chain as China is the country where manufacturing for export to populations living outside its borders is causing so much pollution within. Greening supply chain could drive significant environmental improvement in this country.

  • Publication

Lydia Price, "Why Moving ‘down and out’ is Positive: Leading the Journey to Responsible Business", German Chamber Ticker, 2016

Lujie Chen, Andreas Feldmann and OuTang,"The relationship between disclosures of corporate social performance and financial performance:Evidences from GRI reports in manufacturingindustry", International Journal of Production Economics, Forthcoming

Lujie Chen, "Sustainability and company performance: Evidence from the manufacturing industry", Linköping University Ph.D. Dissertation, 2015

Lydia Price, "CSR and Lean Thinking: Two Sides of the Same Coin?",  American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai​ Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility (BCSR) Report, 2015

Lydia Price, "CSR Implications of China's New Environmental Act",  American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai​ Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility (BCSR) Report, 2015

Lujie Chen, Ou Tang and Andreas Feldmann, "Applying GRI reports for the investigation of environmental management practices and company performance in Sweden, China and India", Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015

Lujie Chen, Jan Olhager and Ou Tang., "Manufacturing facility location and sustainability:A literature review and research agenda", International Journal of Production Economics, 2014


  • Case Study


Price, Lydia and Zhong Jin, The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall: Sustaining Village Life, CEIBS CC-314-095, 2015

Schoolhouse is a restaurant and sustainable tourism business at Mutianyu Village near the Great Wall in Beijing. As the business environment changes, Schoolhouse needs to form new strategy to craft a business model that creates both social impact and commercial success.

The Centre acts as the school's arm to partner with other local and international organisations to jointly promote responsible leadership, and to support research and social engagement.  We also support high-end forums and conferences on responsible leadership organized by internal departments and external organisations. The goal is to connect academia and industry, and to spread impact and influence to the wider society.

  • Partnership 

American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai​ Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility (BCSR) 

BCSR is a committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, devoted to boosting opportunities for CSR knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building. Professor Lydia Price heads the Thought Leadership taskforce of this committee.

  • Event


Webinar on“Leading the Way to Sustainability”

January 10, 2017, invited by Ivey Business School, Prof. Lydia Price conducted a webinar on “Leading the Way to Sustainability”.

Click here to read the article on this event.


The International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE)

ISBEE is a global professional association of leading thinkers in academia and business practice. The World Congress offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas within a diverse community. ISBEE World Congress convenes every four years to examine the most pressing ethical issues faced by businesses and their stakeholders. Called the “Olympics of Business Ethics”, the Congress draws the elite of academia and business practice from around the world. Past speakers have included such luminaries as Amartya Sen (Nobel prize in economics 1998), Muhammad Yunus (Nobel peace prize 2006), and Lech Walesa (Nobel peace prize 1983).

The sixth ISBEE World Congress will take place on July 13-16, 2016 in Shanghai. ECCLAR is sponsoring the Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS) and its Center for Business Ethics Studies, the Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiaotong University in hosting the event.


Sustainable Supply Chain and Circular Economy Forum

Together with CEIBS-GLP Center of Innovations in Supply Chain and Service, we organized a Sustainable Supply Chain and Circular Economy Forum on May 21 at CEIBS Lujiazui Research Institute. 

In the manufacturing industry, the concern over sustainability is greater than ever. In addition to facing high-pressure competition, manufacturers must increasingly pay attention to resource usage, waste treatment, air emissions, water pollution, employee welfare, and so on. Failing to manage these sustainability issues can substantially damage the image of the company and thus affect its performance. Thus we hold this forum to discuss green sustainable practice and performance as well as circular economy in China.

Speakers and leading experts from Governments, NGOs, industry and Research institutions had an open exchange of insights and experiences during the forum.

Dow Chemical (China) Earth Day Week 

April 21, 2016. Invited by Dow Chemical (China), Prof. Lydia Price gave a talk on "Valuing Sustainability: A Marketing Perspective" at Dow’s Customer Innovation Center in Shanghai.


The 1st PRME China Signatories Sustainability Management Education Roundtable

April 14, 2016. Invited by the Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Prof. Lydia Price moderated the panel "Sustainability Management Education: Curriculum Design & Teaching Innovation" at the 1st PRME China Signatories Sustainability Management Education Roundtable with leading scholars and practitioners from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Fudan University and SynTao.

Click here to read some press on this event (Chinese).


Network Leadership and Venture Philanthropy: Connecting Dots in Business and Social Sector

March 29, 2016. Together with Social Venture Partners (SVP), the world’s largest network of engaged donors, ECCLAR organized the event “Venture Philanthropy and Network Leadership” to discuss connecting the dots in business and charity.

Click here to read more about the event.



Strategic CSR and Social Entrepreneurship: The Merge of Commercial and Social

January 21, 2016. Together with the MBA Entrepreneurship Club, CEIBS Center for Leadership and Responsibility organised a session on Sustainable Business Opportunity at Shanghai campus to discuss the merge of commercial and philanthropy activities between companies and NGOs. Netspring Social Enterprise, and Maker Sustainability Consulting (MSC), presented their organizations and experiences on sustainable business in China.

Click here to read more about the event.

  • Student Activity

Sustainable Energy Forum 

In December 2015, 190 nations gathered in Paris to discuss a new global agreement on climate change. To review the results of the Paris COP21 agreement and China’s plan to achieve it’s goals, CEIBS MBA Class 2017 hosted its first Sustainable Energy Forum at the Shanghai Campus on June 2, 2016.. Major Issues addressed include China’s path to 20% renewable energy by 2030, The rise of China’s new energy vehicle industry, Solar City’s business model Vs. Trina Solar, Tesla Vs. China’s Electric Vehicle Industry, and Chinese consumers go green. More than 150 people from government, business and academics attended the event. ECCLAR supported the organization.

Being Globally Responsible Conference (BGRC)

BGRC is an annual event designed to highlight the ways in which business leaders can create positive social and environmental impacts to benefit wider society. BGRC is the first and largest student organized international CSR conference in Asia Pacific and the flagship event of the CEIBS MBA Program. Each year, about 300 people, including government officials, business leaders, leading academics, civic-minded celebrities, NGO heads and MBA students from more than 40 business schools around the world, attend the event.

Our center faculty provide advice to BGRC on program development and marketing.

International Business School Competitions

Nespresso Sustainability Challenge

In 2015, CEIBS team broke into the global finalists in the Nespresso Sustainability Challenge. The CEIBS team developed a Creating Shared Value Strategy based on a case study of Nespresso’s sustainable sourcing of coffee that has been prepared by INCAE in collaboration with Nespresso. The center provided support for the team.




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