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It's a Celebration!

Volume 5, 2014

CEIBS 20th anniversary forum explored “Two generations, One dialogue ”. The venue was the Beijing Campus.

When CEIBS officially marks its 20th birthday on November 8, 2014, it will be the culmination of a year of special events that have brought together alumni, students, leading business executives, scholars, and artists for a vital exchange of ideas that embody the school’s mission of “China Depth, Global Breadth” while also highlighting China’s extraordinary achievements of the past two decades.   

Special anniversary Master Classes have brought the founders and CEOs of many of China’s largest companies to the school’s Shanghai and Beijing Campuses this year for lively discussions on the hot business issues of the day, such as innovation, globalisation, talent development, foreign investment and social responsibility.

There were also many anniversary activities that highlighted the importance of art and culture, an integral part of CEIBS’ history and development over the years. Both the Shanghai and Beijing Campuses hosted exhibitions of renowned artists’ works, and the school also held several anniversary-related competitions that enabled students and alumni to show the entire CEIBS family their talents in photography, the performing arts and video production. Read on for highlights of CEIBS 20th Anniversary events.

Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014
CEIBS & Chengwei America Forum: China-US Cooperation: Opportunities in Times of Mirror Image Rebalance.

·“CEIBS 20th Anniversary Master Class Series” saw outstanding scholars and business leaders from both China and abroad sharing their insights and wisdom.

·“Passion-CEIBS-20 Years” Forums were held at the CEIBS Beijing Campus throughout the year, and featured lively discussions with the school’s renowned faculty and China’s leading entrepreneurs.

·“CEIBS & Chengwei America Forum 2014: China-U.S. Cooperation: Opportunities in Times of Mirror Image Rebalance” was held in New York on September 26. It brought together Chinese and American scholars and business leaders for a discussion on how to leverage strategic cooperation between the US and Chinese governments to provide mutually beneficial business opportunities for companies from both countries.

·“CEIBS 20th Anniversary Exhibition” began in October, and showcases the development history of the school, using a combination of photographs, data and physical models to highlight the remarkable achievements of the school along with CEIBS faculty, alumni, and key partners. There was also a CEIBS Scholastic Works Exhibition in the Shanghai Campus library.

·“Contemporary Chinese Ink Wash Art Exhibition” and “Western Art Exhibition” were held at the Shanghai Campus in October and November respectively.

·The Beijing Campus hosted an exhibition entitled “Art and Inheritance” that began in May and ran through the end of the year. Sponsored by CEIBS and Poly Culture Group, it featured the works of both traditional and contemporary Chinese artists.

Cover Story, Volume 5, 2014
The talent show for a chance to perform at CEIBS 20th Anniversary gala evening.

·The Alumni Photography Competition and Exhibition this year featured the theme “Dream of Water”.

·The CEIBS@20 Social Media Video Contest ran for a month beginning September 20th and invited members of the school community to shoot a 15-second video that shows what CEIBS’ 20th Anniversary means to them.

·Alumni and students with a gift for the performing arts got involved, at the end of August, to compete in a talent show for a chance to perform at the CEIBS 20th Anniversary Gala Evening & Award Ceremony on November 8.

The special 20th Anniversary events conclude in November. On November 7, there will be a 20th Anniversary Reception Dinner at the campus’ iconic Central Pavilion, commonly referred to as the Pyramid. Past and present members of the CEIBS Board of Directors, alumni, students, faculty and staff attended. The following day, the school held the Global Management Forum 2014 at the Shanghai Petrochemical Auditorium in which leading scholars explored the prospects for the global economy from the perspective of macroeconomic policies and industrial changes. The grand finale of the 20th anniversary celebrations was also held that evening. The CEIBS 20th Anniversary Gala Evening & Award Ceremony was held at the CEIBS Conference Centre. A highlight of the event was the announcement of the 20 members of the CEIBS community who received the CEIBS 20th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Award.