INNOVATEChina 2019

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$ 5,000

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$ 3,000

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$ 1,000

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INNOVATEChina 2019

- CEIBS MBA business proposal competition that challenges Top Global Business Schools

INNOVATEChina was started in 2008 by CEIBS, the #1 business school in Asia and #5 MBA in the world. It is one of the largest and most influential business innovation contests in the world. The theme of each event is closely linked to current global business issues and although the competition is called INNOVATEChina, it is not limited only to China-related topics. Approximately 60 teams from over 30 of the world’s top business schools participate every year with their proposals for business innovation. Our mission is to support outstanding future entrepreneurs who will play an important role in tomorrow's business world. As a participant, you will have access to CEOs and partners from investment institutions as well as senior professors from around the world.

More than just a competition, INNOVATEChina aims to establish a platform to connect the innovative minds of global business schools with the vast experience of industry experts and venture capitalists in China, in order to introduce innovative ideas to the world.

2019 Competition Theme

In 2019, INNOVATEChina’s central theme is Transcending Entrepreneurship. Projects do not need to be focused on or related to China; instead, we want to gather the most innovative ideas from around the globe.


We welcome all kinds of innovation. You are encouraged, but not restricted, to align with one of the following industry trends:

INNOVATEChina 2019

Transcending Entrepreneurship

Remodelling Traditional Industries

Autonomous driving and electrification are disrupting the automotive industry. Newspapers sales are plunging, while social media use is skyrocketing. Debit cards are being replaced by mobile payment. How can these and other traditional industries respond to these kinds of challenges? And, how can they leverage their core strengths to develop new businesses?

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Tackling Current Problems

The big questions of our time – like an aging population or the growing inequality between urban and rural populations – are huge challenges, but also huge opportunities for entrepreneurs. What opportunities might arise from these and other current challenges? How can we come up with new business models that contribute to solving these problems?


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Shaping The Future

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality will find new use cases across all industries – from finance and insurance to the public sector and healthcare. Which of these new applications and applications of other technologies will disrupt the world? Which business models will benefit from these disruptions?

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