INNOVATEChina 2018

INNOVATEChina 2018

(Re)Inventing Entrepreneurship

First prize

$ 10,000

Second prize

$ 5,000

Third prize

$ 1,000

Limited spots available!!

Register before March 18th.

INNOVATEChina 2018

- CEIBS MBA Business plan competition that challenges Top Global Business Schools

MBA Students to (RE) Invent Entrepreneurship

Established in 2008, INNOVATEChina is the global business competition hosted by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), one of the leading business schools in the world (ranked No. 8 in the Financial Times 2018 ranking of global business schools). Students from top global business schools are invited to take part in this business competition, from which tomorrow’s innovators will be discovered. INNOVATEChina is a platform that explores emerging trends in the business world, encourages interaction and intellectual discussion between the top minds, and creates an intense teamwork environment. More importantly, INNOVATEChina is an opportunity for participants to make groundbreaking impacts for the business world. INNOVATEChina has consistently attracted great talents to its stage with recent topics like “We Win with WECHAT” sponsored by WeChat in 2015, “Internet Financial Service in New Era” sponsored by Santander in 2016 and “Where Finance Goes High-Tech” sponsored by Santander and e-toro in 2017. This year, the topic is “(Re)Inventing Entrepreneurship” exclusively sponsored by Santander, and with strategic partners such as McKinsey and Mobike.

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